7 Best Food Courts In Kuala Lumpur – Top Hawker Centers In KL

Get to Malaysia hungry and get out full with amazing prices and food offerings in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is known as to have some of the greatest foods like roti canai, key teow, mee laksa and nasi lemak. Apart from these foods, international foods are also available. Some of the international foods have been improved with Malaysia’s foods local tastes. Get to the following food courts in Kuala Lumpur to get mouthwatering meals at fair prices at these KL hawker centers.


Best Food Courts In Kuala Lumpur

KLCC Signatures at Suria KLCC

This restaurant is situated on the second floor of Suria KLCC which is the most prominent shopping Centre in Malaysia. This food court is the most famous in the country. Here you will have the tastiest international cuisines at a favorable price. You will have a good time to view the KLCC park and lake as you dine.


Hutong food court at Lot 10

This is an infamous Kuala Lumpur food court that is situated at the Lot 10 shopping mall ground floor. It is made with a Chinese look there are more than 20 stalls in this food court that mostly concentrate on selling Chinese cuisines. Some of the most famous sellers in Malaysia are Kong Tai, Kim Lian Kee’s Hokkien mee, Mo Sang Kor’s bah kut teh, Soong Kee’s beef noodles, and Honkee Porridge from Singapore.


Food Republic at Pavilion KL

The restaurant is situated on Jalan Bukit Bintang at Pavilion Mall which is not too far from Suria KLCC. This is the other popular hawker center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The restaurant is situated on the malls first floor and it makes some of the best Asian and local foods at bargain prices. It is designed with a concept of an open dining.


SS2 Selera Malam at Petaling Jaya

Along Jalan SS2/64 at Petaling Jaya is where you find the SS2 Selera Malam. It is the place where you find Asian hawker and local foods. Many people know this restaurant as ‘Wai Sek Kai’. To the local Cantonese dialect, this means the ‘gluttony lane’. Stall 62 Penang Heng Seng is one of the famous stalls you will find in SS2 Selera Malam. It is best known for making seafood by dunking it in a boiling food and skewered meat known as Lok Lok. They also make very good yam cake. Stall 48 and 30 are famous for making fried tong fun and Penang fried kuey teow, stall 52 is known for mee Jawa and Penang prawn mee and stall 51 is known for its delicious Penang Asam laksa and laksa Siam. This food court will be opened from 5 pm to midnight every day.


Ming Tien at Petaling Jaya

Ming Tien food court in Kuala Lumpur was opened in 2001 and it is situated at Petaling Jaya at Taman Megah. This is one of the most famous dining and hangout spot in the city. This restaurant has 63 stalls that serve some of the favorite local foods like Nyonya and heritage Baba dishes, Ipoh hor fun, chicken rice and laksa. You will also find a wide variety of international cuisines in this food court. The restaurant is opened daily for 24 hours.


Asia Café at Subang Jaya

This restaurant is quite popular among young adults and teenagers. This café located at Subang Jaya SS15 which is a dense commercial Centre is not usually crowded. It serves both worldwide and local cuisines. It also has plenty of entertainment options like several eminent plasma TVs for the customers, a snooker room, and a cyber café.


Jusco Arena food court at 1Utama

There are a large number of people that visit this restaurant at 1Utama shopping Centre. It was reopened not very long ago after it was done some upgrading and renovation. The restaurant serves yummy snacks, international and local cuisines. The Food Republic court is located in the new wing of the shopping mall.

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