10-Day Malaysia Itinerary: Ultimate Guide On Things To Do In Malaysia

When planning to visit South Asia, some people research the routes to take and the best places to visit. Some people will tell you that Malaysia is not a place to be, but I beg to differ with them. We will give you some of the most recommended places to visit, why we should visit them and other activities to do. For those wanting to know of cool things to do in Malaysia, we have a great Malaysia itinerary that might help you.


How To Get To Malaysia And Out

You can get to Malaysia through different transport modes. It does not matter if you will be going there just for a few days or if you will be going there for a long tour. Here are some of the ways you can get to Malaysia.

  1. Go by air– There are many airports in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, and thus it will not be a problem for you to fly in and out of Malaysia. Long haul international flights are mainly offered in Singapore while it is you will get more of discount airlines in Kuala Lumpur. You can check both flights and see one that gives you the best deal.
  2. Go by Bus– you can use the bus to get to Malaysia from Singapore. The bus from Singapore will charge around $15 for one person who is quite expensive compared to other buses in Malaysia. It is however cheap compared to taking a flight. The control at the border is easy, and the bus you will be traveling in will give you maximum comfort. It will not take too long to get to Kuala Lumpur or Malacca from Singapore. Here’s a full transportation guide for Malaysia.
  3. Take a Train- If you are coming from Thailand then be comfortable to take a train. If you want to have the ride at night, then you can go and from Bangkok to Butterworth. You will pass through Padang Besar during the journey. Tickets for sleeper class will cost you around the same with a flight from a discounted airline. Some people will, therefore, prefer the flight over the train. If you want to visit islands over the way, then Train is Ideal for it will offer some stopovers.


Why You Should Take A Trip To Malaysia

  • Kuala Lumpur is a hub for plane travel, and it is also easy to use a bus to get to the city.
  • People in Malaysia mainly speak English and thus it is quite easy to communicate.
  • It is cheaper compared to other areas in South Asia. Two people can spend approximately $50 in a day. You will spend twice as much when you visit other areas like Thailand.
  • There are a lot of attractive natural sceneries such as forests, mountains, and beaches. It is the place to be.
  • You will find only a few Americans and not too many tourists. If you love to learn other peoples cultures rather than going to parties them Malaysia is a suitable place for you.
  • Malaysia is clean and very safe.


There are lots of great things to see in Malaysia and places to visit that will leave you overwhelmed with our Malaysia itinerary. Some of the world’s famous sights are found here. You will have one or two popular attractions in every city. They have eye-catching scenery and architecture on top of it all is their delicious foods.


What To See In Malaysia

The many destinations in your Malaysia itinerary will not demand so much from you. You will stay into a destination for ling without spending much. The itinerary will also offer you with different cultures and climate. You can do a reverse itinerary of Malaysia at your pressure depending on where you are going to, and there you are coming from.


Day One: Malacca

Malacca is listed as a historic city by the UNESCO World Heritage and is a recommended thing to see in Malaysia. You can use a bust to get here from Singapore. The city is laid back and it will take you only one day to visit the attractive sites as you enjoy the ocean spray and the tropical sunshine. It is almost similar to Hemingway. One day is quite a lot of time to visit the few attractive sites in this city. It would be more enjoyable if you visited Malacca on Sunday, Saturday or Friday. On these days you will get to visit the night market on Jonker Street.


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Day Two To Five: Kuala Lumpur

From Malacca go to Kuala Lumpur the great capital city. In KL you can spend two to five days here but make sure you have a plan for the visit of your Malaysia itinerary. You can spend your time getting to know why Malaysia is such a tick, its history and also enjoying their delicious foods. Find the best places to eat in Kuala Lumpur here. If you get back late on the second day of the itinerary, t will be prudent to rest. You can just chill out or choose an activity to do in the afternoon with some shopping, check out these great places to shop in Kuala Lumpur. You can use the first two days of the tour visiting sights and then you can leave on day four during the late hours or the early hours of the fifth day.


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Day Five To Eight: Cameron Highlands

This Cameron Highlands are far away from the southeastern side of Asia. The area has a lot of delightful scenery and amazing temperatures. To get the best from the highlands take at least three nights. You can go via bus, and it will be really interesting. Get acclimated and have some time to relax on the day you arrive and start touring on the next day. Visit the tea plantations and the highlands in the area. You can then go got hiking, golf playing or go to any other sites in the highland that will make the visit fancier on the last day. Leave the highlands on the eighth day and go to Penang city of the itinerary of Malaysia.


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Day Eight To Ten: George Town

Some people will tell you that George Town is the same with Malacca’s yang. I can differ with this because the two towns are very different from one another. Penang is trendy and hip. It is filled with wonderful coffee shops, live music venues, and street arts. Malacca, on the other hand, is quite relaxed and decaying beautifully. In Malacca, you will find lots of lazy river cruises and open-air bars. Penang architecture takes the version of warm weather like in Paris or London. Malacca, on the other hand, has a climate like that of the Mediterranean region. There are several things to do here so plan for at least two nights. Spend the other time taking coffee in hipster cafes, cruising bar scenes and spotting street arts.


Adding Time To Itinerary In Malaysia

You would have more than ten days to visit Malaysia, and you will, therefore, need more activities to do here. Below are some additional activities to add to your visit when you have more time.

  1. Malacca: This city is incredible, and you may need some more time to spend here. If you have more time, ensure not to miss out on any of the major sights. Take time and visit the Nyonya and Baba Museum. More time there will give you an opportunity to see more.
  2. Beaches: There are several outstanding beaches in Penang where you can go to jump, skip and hop. If you have more days for the tour, make a stop in Langkawi and have time on the white sun beaches as you soak on the sun.
  3. Jungles: It is worth to visit the Malaysian national forest known as Taman Negara. You can trek to the national park and enjoy the live view of leopards, tigers, elephants and other wild animals. Spend more time in Malaysia and have more views.


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How To Cut Down Malaysia Itinerary

There are times you desire to go for a tour, and you do not have enough time. We have an idea of some of the things you can cut down.

Visit either George Town or Malacca. It can be quite heartbreaking to skip any of the towns but if you do not have otherwise then should choose to tour either the southern or the northern parts of Malaysia. It will make more sense for you to go to Malacca if you are coming from Singapore. George Town, however, becomes a good destination for people coming from Thailand. You are however free to take either of the two if you are itinerant is in and out of Kuala Lumpur.

The other idea is to cut off one day of touring Cameron Highlands. You will find that most of the time here will be sitting, working or just going to coffee shops. Among the other places in Malaysia, it happens to be among the most expensive and thus taking fewer days here will be in order. You will spend almost half a day to arrive in Cameron Highlands and depart. One would, therefore, feel that the tour is more rushed by having only a single non-travel day in the highlands.


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