Day Trips From Madrid- 15 Best Places That You Should Visit

One of the best locations from which to make forays into the countryside is none other than Madrid, where the close proximity of Segovia and even Toledo beckon with open arms and excellent things to do. There’s lots to do during a day trip from Madrid.

If you could only choose one Madrid day trip? Segovia’s your best bet, mostly cause the fun you experience in this city can also stretch in the same day to El Escorial and Avila, which are both quite close and offer even more to do. Landlocked on the other hand, Toledo doesn’t have many neighbors. Or need some advice? Here is a list of day trips from Madrid you should take and wont regret.


Madrid Day Trips For Wine Tastings

  1. A region near Madrid called Ribera del Duero can be thanked for its delicious wines and excellent taste for the finer things in life. These wine regions are perfect for a day trip from Madrid.


Best Madrid Day Trips

  1. Barcelona This brilliant coastal city with its culture, architecture, and beaches is actually just a day trip (vie high speed rail) from Madrid. Although, really it needs at least two days of your time, if you find yourself only having one day to visit it, do not hesitate!
  2. Toledo These cobbled streets and medieval looking buildings were actually once the epicenter of Spain – that’s right, Toledo was the capital. And it still has that ‘capitol city’ feel to it. Certainly think about getting a guided tour.
  3. Seville Once more another city that would normally prove too far from Madrid, Seville is now quite easily accessible for day trips via the AVE train. Not only will it be fun and keep you on your toes, but you’ll be home long before bedtime.
  4. Segovia Parts of Spain are still so very roman looking, and with its Castle an aqueducts, Segovia is no exception. You walk these streets and feel you are in some old movie, and you can learn so much more from the city by taking a Segovia tour that is guided and even capping the night off with a winery visit.
  5. El Escorial –Spain during this period of the year is very busy and crammed with scores of tourists. However, as one of the more secreted of the countries gems, El Escorial is rarely crowded. Its secrets include the monastery and kings’ crypt, here where for centuries the monarchy from over 400 years of reign have been laid to rest.
  6. El Valle de los Caidos Here you will find a large and stunning stone cross, as well as a breathtakingly beautiful basilica. Why they are here, you ask? These are the controversial burial grounds of General Franco, Spain’s former dictator. This area has been titled ‘The Valley of the Fallen’ and its quite simple to reserve a spot for a tour that is guided.
  7. Avila This makes for an excellent tour of medieval culture and some of the oldest standing medieval walls.
  8. Cordoba This is a pleasant and simple day trip from Madrid via AVE train.
  9. Valencia Another great trip is to use the high-speed rail from Madrid to go to Valencia, and these are in fact Madrid’s nearest beaches.
  10. AranjuezThis is a popular area for its connections to royalty and royal lineage. Consider also, taking the La Mancha wine tour.
  11. Salamanca This can be done in one day if needs be, but is quite some ways further than other destinations before mentioned. It is most famous for being one of Spain’s largest University Towns.
  12. El Pardo –General Franco’s country household and estate.
  13. Warner Brothers Theme Park Perfect for adults and kids of all ages.
  14. Chinchon –An amazing restaurant town.


Hopefully this list helps you with some options for a Madrid day trip.

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