8 Best Things To Do In Madagascar

Kids would always remember Madagascar for the popular movie of talking zoo animals’ adventure. Finding their way out of the jungle of Madagascar going back to the city zoo where they were raised. But on the other side of the coin, the country of Madagascar where the famous animated children’s movie was based on dragged more fame and curiosity to visit the real life country and there’s lots of things to do in Madagascar.

Madagascar is located at the far island in South Eastern Africa. The country sits in an African continent gifted with such abundant rainforests, numerous living creatures, thriving flora and fauna, wonderful coral reefs, and stunning beach shores.

The island of Madagascar is such a diverse and heavily populated of nature’s bounty beauties such as rare flora and fauna, wild life animals, sporadic insects, and a spectacular rainforest view. Check out the 8 things to do and things to see in Madagascar.


8 Best Things To Do In Madagascar

Dive Into One Of The Beautiful Madagascar Reefs

The island of Madagascar is such a diverse country. Both land and underwater, there is huge number of living creatures and several species populates the place.

Most spectacular scenery can also be experience and be seen underwater. Best place to dive is around Nosy Be area. There are quite few diving sites there you can visit, whether you have diving license or for guided fun dive. The coral reef is filled with colorful fishes, anemone, and other coral species, and also other underwater mammals. This is a great place and is one of the best things to do in Madagascar.


Sunbathe At Île aux Nattes

Madagascar is an island with vast land territory. Around the huge island is a majestic shore of pristine beaches. You can lie down on the beautiful fine sand while waiting for your perfectly tanned skin to sink in. There are also other beaches, bays, and other bodies of water around the island to visit and swim like Antongil bay, Nosy Be, Morondava, Ifaty, and a lot more! Each beach area has unique beauty.


Rock Climb Your Way To Natural Rock Formation In Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is literally a product of hardened lava bursting out from active volcanoes that surround the island. It makes sense to find your way walk through the thickened lava rocks. There are hotels and rock climbing enthusiast who conducts and allow rock climbing activities nearby reserve parks that allows you to try climbing those stiff mountain edges.


Take Plunges On Different Waterfalls Around Madagascar

After walking on the warm sand on the beach shore and swimming to salty sea water at Madagascar, you can hike your way to the nearest water fall around the reserve and national parks too! The views are absolutely stunning and is one of the best things to see in Madagascar.

The sound of falling water from high hills and mountains is a refreshing sound you can hear amongst the towering trees and blooming endemic flowers. You can take a dip on cool fresh water from the water falls in Andringitra National Park, or Les Chutes de la Lily.


Hike Around Reserve Parks

Madagascar is considered as one of the best country to find different species of animals, insects and wild animals in its actual habitat. The country and the island itself protect a lot of living creatures in its protective wildlife reserve. You can take a long trek on the natural reserve parks and enjoy the scenery as you walk past the animals living peacefully in their natural environment.

Search the most convenient trek schedule booking at Ankarana Reserve, Anadasive – Mantandia National Reserve Park, Amber Mountain National Park, Kirindy Mitea National Park, and more. Check local tourism desk at town in Madagascar where you are heading for more details.


Discover Unique Plants And Unusually Gigantic Trees In Madagascar

Being one of the largest islands in the world (recorded as fourth largest), the forest of Madagascar is filled with quite rare plants and towering trees that can only be found in the island.

You have to visit parks that showcase such unique plants and tress like the Avenue of Boababs. There are hundreds of giant Boabab trees lined up along the Morondova. Just make sure you brought snack, and water because it will be a one tough hike with no restaurants and toilets nearby. But it is one of the best hikes in Madagascar you will have because the unusual trees and plants may make you feel you have been brought to another planet.


Observe The Infamous A Conspiracy Of Lemurs

Lemurs are funny, bubbly and fast moving primates. These little creatures are endemic and can be seen in large conspiracy (group) in Madagascar forests and national parks.

Take time to search lemurs playing around foolishly round reserve areas like Lemur Park, Berently Reserve or Anja Community Reserve. Lemurs’ population in Madagascar is growing steadily that is why you would never miss one on one of your visit in the island. Overall this is super fun and a great thing to do in Madagascar.


Horseback Riding At Ambaro Ranch

You can also try to experience to ride on tamed and domesticated horses at Ambaro Ranch. Other reserve and parks also offers such adventure activity for reasonable guided trail horseback ride. There are also horseback ride offered for short distances just for the sake of picture taking and fun.


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