10 Best Things To Do In Macedonia

Do you know that there is actually a lot to discover in Southeast Europe? One of the highlights of the continent is Macedonia as there’s lots of great things to do in Macedonia. You will surely appreciate the beauty of this country not just for its natural wonders but also for the numerous activities that you could enjoy in its varied sights. Let me help you determine the most alluring places to go to in Macedonia.


10 Things To Do In Macedonia

Ohrid Town

Macedonia was also able to contribute its own share of heritage sites for the entire world to see. The Ohrid Town was successfully included as another UNESCO World heritage site particularly because the place served as a venue for cultural development. It would definitely be nice to stay in the town for a couple of days because there is a lot to see in the surrounding areas. You could visit Lake Ohrid and appreciate natural beauty and is a must see thing in Macedonia.

You could also get into monastery hopping since there are quite a number of monasteries in the place. Ohrid Town will definitely make your faith even deeper and your curiosity even stronger as you visit the centuries-old churches, monasteries, and theaters. Do not miss out Tsar Samuil’s Fortress, St. Clement Church, Ancient Theater, and Saint Sofia Church.



If you would like to see the most developed part of Macedonia, then you have to make sure that you stay for a few days in Skopje. This city is the center of economic activities and cultural diversity in the country. It is a refreshing and interesting scene to see how both the ancient and modern aspects converge to form what is Skopje right now.

You should definitely not miss going to the Stone Bridge because it will allow you to personally feel and witness the convergence of the past and the present. It’s one of the best things to see in Macedonia. The bridge is an architectural structure that connects the modern part of Skopje and the ancient quarter of the Ottoman Empire. Do not be surprised to see high-rise condominiums in one part of the bridge then an Old Bazaar on the other part.

Apart from the bridge, you also have to check out the Central Square or the Plostad Makedonija. After seeing the square, then you have to continue the tour towards the Kale Fortress that was originally built in the 6th Century to protect Skopje’s territorial supremacy. Since you will be staying for a few days, make sure that one of those will also be devoted to learning more about the works of Mother Teresa by visiting the Memorial House that is dedicated to her.



Archaeologists and historians truly love this ancient city. It is considered by the academe as a treasure for the better understanding of our past. This site was established in the 7th Century during the Kingdom of Paeonia. This city has gone through a lot of wonderful and tough times as kingdoms and empires rose and fell. It served as a center for trade during the Roman rule. Its geographical location helped pave the way for a developed trade and commerce between and among countries most especially from Serbia to Greece. Coming here is like passing through a time machine. The ruins and the relics of its glorious past will certainly amaze you.


Mavrovo National Park

Are you a fan of winter sports? Do you love skiing and trekking? Then the Mavrovo National Park could be the answer to your dreams of having an exciting skiing adventure, as it’s one of the best things to do in Macedonia. This destination stretches to more than 190,000 acres from Lake Mavrovo all the way to the border of Albania. Its huge area is even intensified by mountain peaks that entice some of the world’s most courageous trekkers. To make sure that you get the most of your time, you have to book your accommodations with the four-star hotels in the area. Visit the park between November and April for the best skiing environments.


Heraclea Lyncestis

Well, Heraclea Lyncestis was the origin of Bitola. It is actually an ancient city that was established in 4th Century BC by Phillip II. Despite the historical derivation of the name, there still remains to be a difference when you tour Bitola and Heraclea Lyncestis today.

Tour guides and local people will bring you to the ruins when you mention that you want to visit Heraclea Lyncestis. The ruins will found around 2 km. from Bitola. This site is a perfect destination for those who would like to learn more about the influence of the Roman Empire in the past. Your eyes will definitely sparkle upon seeing the ancient Roman theaters, Roman baths, and grandiose basilicas. If you are a design enthusiast, you will also surely adore the priceless memories of the Byzantine era through the stunning floor mosaics on the site.


Saint Jovan Bigorski

Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery or St. John the Baptist Monastery is located inside the same national park. If you are a devout believer, then you must definitely not miss visiting the monastery. But even if your faith is different, you could still come here for some archaeological exploration since the site is actually home to the relic of St. John the Baptist’s forearm.

You will find the monastery along the main road when you are traveling from Gostivar to Debar. The structure will surely not fail your attention because the exteriors are a sight to behold. You will dearly love the excellent craftsmanship of the designers and architects that made this structure a possibility in the 1800s. There are grand wood carvings that replicated some of the most significant and symbolic stories in the Bible. Indeed, the art of Petre Filipovski and Makarie Frckovski intensified the grandeur of this religious and historical treasure.


Naum Monastery

After a few days of vacation in the town of Ohrid, you may then transfer to its neighboring place where you could find the Monastery of Sveti Naum. This structure has been built between the 1500s and 1600s. You will surely love to stay cool outdoors as you stare at the beauty of architecture and as you marvel at the grandiose landscape of the Macedonian-Albanian border.



Do you want to be where the melting pot of Macedonian culture is? Then you should travel to the city of Bitola. You could find it in the southern part of the country just nearing the Greek-Macedonian border.

The city is the second largest in the country and has long been among the favorite spots of tourists and locals. You will love how it is able to give you varying experiences from gastronomical adventures to cultural explorations. When you visit the city, do not attempt to miss out on the delicious cuisines of the local people. Make sure that you have a scheduled dining experience in any of the restaurants that offer traditional Macedonian food. You will find a number of boutiques, restaurants, and cafés along the Wide Street which is also known as Širok Sokak Street. You will also love the variety of food options at Magnolia Square.


Canyon Matka

If you want to be united with nature and feel its soulful beauty, then you shall not miss Canyon Matka. This gift from nature will make you appreciate the wonders of the environment. You can explore the entire canyon by walking through the landscape and riding a boat towards the caves. Every minute of your early morning in this place will surely serve as priceless memories.


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