10 Best Things To Do In Macau

This country was the first and the last to be colonized by the European in Asia. It is also called the Vegas of the East, in fact in terms of gambling Macau is much bigger than Vegas and the casinos make most of their money from Macau. It was under the Portuguese rule from 1887 to 1999 which is 442 years. You will note the mix of the Chinese culture and the rich Portuguese heritage from the foods, architecture and street signs among other things. The city has been modernized since it is the only place where gambling is allowed in China. But besides the casinos and gambling, there’s lots of great things to do in Macau.

People from the whole world tour the country and use a lot of money in the casinos. There are several eccentric and lavish casinos here like Wynn Macau, Sands Macau and Casino Lisboa. Macau or Venetian Macao has various formidable restaurants, world-class hotels, lots of entertainment and cultural and historical venues. Check out our list of the 10 best things to do in Macau.


Best Things To Do In Macau

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

The wharf is multifaceted as it has several restaurants and 150 stores that are made with diverse seaports styles. Some of these styles are like those of a casino, a 72-room hotel, a slots hall, Six Rides, Venice and Amsterdam and Cape Town. This is a great place to eat in Macau. This was the first creative, themed and cultural tourist attraction in the Macau tourism industry.


Macau Tower

This is one of Macau’s most iconic landmarks. Several important figures and national leaders have visited it to have the view. The Macau Tower popularity increased in December 2001 after the inauguration. It has from then been chosen to be a venue for both regional and international trade and business events. The Sky Tower found in Auckland impressed Stanley Ho Hung-Sun and this is what made him order one of the same types to be built in Macau. This is one of the best things to do in Macau. It is a great place to view China, Coloane, Taipa and Macau Peninsula at a 360-degree angle. There are also various fun activities here that include wall climbing, sky jumping, sky walking and bungee jumping.


Venetian Macau

Macau is the country with the world’s largest casino. This casino is known as Venetian Macau. The casino together with the luxury hotel gives 3000 suits. The 7th floor all the way to the 38th floor is all meant for accommodation. You should not complete your tour to Venetian Macau without having some romantic time down the Shoppe’s canals. Also, take some time with family and friends to relax at their cabanas poolside. It hosts some of the best shows and concerts for all ages. You will have events such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Alicia Keys and even The Rolling Stones among others. This is one of the best casinos in Macau.


Senado Square

This spot is named the Senedo Square because it is located opposite Leal Senado Building. It is one of the best squares you will find in Macau. It was recently remodeled in the year 1990. Colored stones were used to form different patterns on the paves. After these improvements, cultural and social activities on the spot increased.

There are famous bars, boutiques, traditional Chinese restaurants and shopping centers around the square. Visitors have an opportunity to enjoy wonderful fireworks shows during Christmas and Chinese Spring Festival.


Ruins of St. Paul

This was originally known as the Church of Mater Dei. It was constructed in the years 1602 to 1640. You will also note the remains of the St. Paul’s College adjacent to the church. They were destroyed in the year 1835 in a fire. It is another famous landmark in Macau. People think that the Ruins of St. Paul was a cathedral, but this is not the case. This is a great thing to see in Macau. The fascia is located on a small hill. You can still see some of the remaining oriental themes and some carvings like the Jesuit images. 68 stone steps will lead you right to the façade. In 2005 this site was declared to be a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


St. Lawrence Church

The Church was established in the mid-16th century by the Jesuits. There three old churches in Macau and this is one of them. The scale and the appearance were developed in 1846. It is located on Macau’s southern coastline overlooking the sea. This is the place where the sailors from Portugal used to gather as they pray as they wait for the prayers to be answered. The architectural treatment and the building scale of the church look quite wealthy since it was located in a fairly wealthy neighborhood.


City Of Dreams

This is one of the places the visitors will have all they have wished for. The City of Dreams in Macau, you will experience designer fashion brands, international dining, extravagance accommodation and astounding entertainment. This is one of the best places to gamble in Macau. You can access this city easily from the airport, border gates and from ferry terminals in Macau since it is situated in the middle of Cotai. It is a prominent spot for both locals and tourists since their entertainment industry is at quite a high level.


Kun Iam Statue

This is the only world’s statute of the mercy goddess that does not face the sea. The emerging figure of the Virgin Mary is made of bronze, and it is 20m tall. From the outer harbor, the statute is 7m high from the lotus. The statute is built on the finest Buddhist temples in Macau. It is less crowded and bigger than the A-Ma Temple.


A-Ma Temple

When you read about the history of Macau, you will note that its name came from this remarkable temple. It was built in 1488, and it happens to be among Macau’s oldest Taoist temples. It was built by fishermen and seafarers, and they dedicated it to their goddess or patroness known as Matsu. When the sailors from Portugal came here, the only reply they got was “A-Ma-Gau” which meant the bay of goddess A-Ma. This is where the name “Macao” came from. At least this is the story given by the locals.


Taipa Village

This village is one of the most attractive parts of Macau that you should not fail to visit. There are only two traditional villages left in Macau, and it happens to be one of them. It has been among tourist’s best destinations. Apart from the alleys and narrow lanes in the village, there are attractive houses painted in green, blue and yellow from the colonial times. This is a fun thing to do in Macau. You can visit the cafes made with Portuguese styles during your stay, and you will have a chance to interact with the locals. You can also tour around Avenida da Praia or refresh yourself with an ice-cream or lemonade.

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