Luxembourg Worth Visiting? 5 Must Do Things In Luxembourg

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the extremely beautiful and luxurious city of Luxembourg? Give it a go! You will never regret making the decision to travel to such a fabulous place as Luxembourg is worth a visit.

Luxembourg is part of the European community. This makes the travel seemingly so easy and truly interesting. Despite the country’s relatively small geographical size, it boasts of extreme diversity and natural wonders. It has stunning landscapes that will surely captivate your eyes. Even the stories behind the scenic locations and the architectural creations of the place will excite your historically curious mind. There’s lots of great things to see in Luxembourg.

Traveling the country is hassle-free because of the availability of different modes of transportation. The currency used, which is the Euro, even makes the travel a lot more convenient for tourists. Further, the Luxembourg airport can also be found a few kilometers from the heart of the city which makes touring around the place definitely easy and allows you to do all the best things in Luxembourg very easily.



5 Best Things To Do In Luxembourg:

City Promenade Guided Walking Tour

Walking tours have always been among the best things to do when traveling a certain place. This is because walking tours are the best ways to discover about a certain destination. It is a great decision to make if you want to familiarize yourself with the surrounding places. What’s wonderful with Luxembourg guided walking tours is that tour guides are usually knowledgeable of different languages. During my visit, the tour guide was multi-lingual and was able to deliver the explanations in German and English. Her description of every site and her lively talks were more than enough to entertain and educate us.


Casemates du Bock

Do you know that Luxembourg has officially been established as a country in the 10th Century? The official beginning of Luxembourg was symbolized by an impressive infrastructure that held the past kingdom. A magnificent castle was built on a highly durable rocky foundation. Underneath the castle was a long tunnel where weaponry and food were stored for the entire kingdom. You could actually visit this place in order to get a full understanding of Luxembourg’s mysteriously glorious past. You will surely admire the underground structure as you see the intricate details used in its establishment.


Petrusse Park, Alzette Valley

If you would like to take some stress away by doing some physical activities, then you could head on to the Petrusse Park. It is definitely awesome to have some walking or running with your loved ones in this area of Luxembourg. Traveling can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle because you will always go on gastronomic adventures and relaxation. That’s why it is always worth it to find a beautiful spot for your exercise routines.

The Petrusse Park also proves to be a wonderful place for discovering the beautiful landscapes of Luxembourg. If you are staying at the nearby hotels such as the Hotel Vauban, you could simply take a walk towards the park and choose a wonderful spot for staring at the impressive sceneries at the opposite side of the cliffs. You will surely love to take photographs of the surrounding river and the bridges connecting the landscapes and bodies of water.


Vianden Castle

If you would like to explore the luxury of Luxembourg in its past and present state, then you have to make sure that you visit all the culturally rich and historically significant places in the country. The Vianden Castle is located in the North of Luxembourg. You can get to this fantastic structure by riding a bus from the city center. The travel time is merely an hour since it is only around 50 kilometers away from the city. If you are deciding to use the Luxembourg Card which is priced at around 9 Euros, then you will surely get much savings for your ticket for the bus fare and entrance fees to different destinations. To get to this fabulous castle, you will have to ride a train first at the Luxembourg City Central Station and stop at the Ettlebruck Gare. From here, you will then have to take Bus 570 to get to Vianden. The castle is only a walking distance from the end of the bus journey. If you do not have the Luxembourg Card, prepare to pay an entrance fee of around 6 Euros. Add another 2 Euros for an audio translation service of the castle tour.


Old Town Luxembourg

One of the most favorite activities of tourists in Luxembourg is the tour of the Grund. You can reach Grund by visiting first the Old Town of Luxembourg then going through an elevator that will bring you to the Grund. You may also choose to walk towards the lower town of Grund along the Alzette River.

The natural sceneries and environmental wonders are more than spectacular. All you have to do is walk through the river banks or trek your way up to the hill where you can get better views of the entire heavenly surroundings. The walk towards the cliff will take you around 15 minutes and every step will truly be unforgettable. When you reach the hill, do not forget to make your cameras ready because the view of the river and the cliff will certainly capture the hearts of anyone.

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