Layover At LAX Los Angeles Airport

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in California is among the most visited by global passengers. According to data, it is actually the world’s 6th busiest airport. So if you find yourself bored during a Los Angeles layover, know that there are wonderful solutions offered by the airport management. You could go to the different facilities of the airport or visit downtown LA which is only 16 miles away.

The airport is filled with different kinds of establishment for various passenger needs. When you feel hungry, you can choose from the numerous restaurants and food kiosks at the premises. There are also retail centers where you can do some shopping for you and your loved ones.


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If you are a lover of art, then you will certainly be fascinated with the public displays which are located at the LAX Pylons, the 9/11 Exhibit, and the Flight Path Learning Center.

Relaxation is another service that the airport offers. The management surely knows how tiring flights and layovers could be that’s why they have set up lounges at all the terminals. You can visit the following lounges:

Terminal 1 – US Airways Club
Terminal 2 – Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian Airlines, Air France
Terminal 3 – Alaska Airlines
Terminal 4 – American Airlines
Terminal 5 – Delta
Terminal 6 – Continental Airlines
Terminal 7 – United Airlines


The airport also has the famous Tom Brady International Terminal lounges. Among the lounges included are the following: Star Alliance LoungeSkyTeam Alliance LoungeOneworld Alliance Lounge, El Al King David Lounge, reLAX Lounge, and Evergreen Lounge.

There are also a couple of hotels in the surrounding area of the Los Angeles International Airport. You may choose among them depending on your length of stay, your budget, and your preferred luxury level.

If you plan to leave the airport to have some sightseeing or city tour, then it is recommended that you arrange things with your airline for baggage storage. The airport does not have a left luggage facility.

There are taxi cabs located outside the Arrivals area in case that you plan to get out of the airport and explore the Los Angeles area. You may also ride the LAX Shuttle or Airline Connect. Other transportation options include the public bus, private vehicle, shared ride van, and the FlyAway bus among others.


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Los Angeles Layover Guide

Los Angeles Tour

Los Angeles can truly be an interesting, exciting, and fabulous place for all kinds of tourists. You may get into a city exploration by going on a walking tour, cultural getaway, food adventure, and a bus tour. You could also try biking around the area to be more familiarized with the place.



If you have a couple of hours to spare, then it would be so fantastic to be able to visit the Hollywood. There are different tours available in the Hollywood area which will allow you to explore celebrity homes. You may also take photographs along the Hollywood walk of fame. Then if you want to get on some leisurely activity, you could also go on a shopping spree at both Hollywood and the Highland.



Going to Malibu is worthy of every travel time and effort. It would be so lovely to travel along the Pacific Coast Highway and just feel the breeze while driving. You could also visit Point Dume and see the majestic cliffs in the area.


California Beaches

Los Angeles is very famous for its cool beaches and the accompanying restful vibes. Make sure that you visit the Manhattan Beach. Or you may also go to Playa Del Rey or the Redondo Beach if you have more time. Just walk along the shore or ride a Ferris wheel in Santa Monica. No matter what activity you choose, California beaches will surely never fail you.


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