7 Best Things To Do In Vaduz Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein Principality. This country is found along the Rhine. The country is still small, and the bounders are open. It is still in the Schengen Area, but they do not use Euros since they are not a part of the European Union. Instead, the country uses Swiss franc. Liechtenstein is a mountainous country and fun to tour and there’s lots of great things to do in Vaduz. It is the best sports destination to visit during the winter season.

The summer season is not left out of activities since you have biking and hiking routes. The princely family and the reigning prince of Liechtenstein are from Vaduz Castle which is a well-known landmark of the Vaduz area. The Vaduz city is very small, and there is the likelihood of getting to the monarchs. You can also see the Liechtenstein castle clearly from any point of the country.

Vaduz has some of the best restaurants and most magnificent hotels. The locals here receive visitors with open arms, and there is nothing to worry you since it is entirely safe. This Travel will give you a guide to the seven best activities you will have to do when you get to Vaduz. Check out our list of the 7 best things to do in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.


Best Things To Do In Vaduz

Vaduz Castle

This is where the Liechtenstein reigning prince and the royal family live. The castle is built 120 meters above the Vaduz capital. The castle is more than 700 years old. Between the year 1905 and 1920, there were major restorations done in the castle. It also acts as the landmark of Liechtenstein capital. You can see this castle from afar. This is the most famous thing in Vaduz. Vaduz Castle is not open to the public since the royal family still lives there. If you want to view it, you can climb the hill and go around the parameters of the castle. From here you will be able to see the city quite well.


Red House

This stepped gable house is located at Vaduz means village. It adjoins Torkelgebäude befindete and the residential tower. The house is constructed on a mountain, and thus you will easily see it as you walk around the city. Since the 19th century, the house is painted with a dark red color, and this is how it got its name. This is one of the best things to do in Vaduz. From the available documents, you will see that the construction activities on this site started many centuries before. In the 15th century, the constructions activities were abandoned.


Das Städtle

This is an awesome pedestrian street and the main city center in Vaduz. From this street, the visitors can relax, dine, shop and also explore further the cultural highlights here. The Vaduz center is also called the small town, and the locals call it “Städtle”. This is the heart of the capital of Liechtenstein and there’s lots of great places to eat in Vaduz. It is fully packed with boutiques, restaurants, and outdoor cafes. Cars are not allowed in the area between the town hall and the government district for it is only for pedestrian use.


Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Some of the architects who designed the museum are Christian Kerez, Heinrich Degelo and Meinrad Morger. This eye catching Museum of Fine Arts in Liechtenstein is seen as a beautiful black cube and it is located in the middle of Vaduz. The collections found in the museum are both from the modern day up to the 19th century. Some of the crucial pieces are installations, objects and sculptures made by artists who are well known.


Prince Of Liechtenstein Vineyards

Vaduz has its wine cellar the Liechtenstein Prince of the royal winery will invite people to a session for wine tasting. This winery cellar uses the very best grapes which ripe with the mild climate of the vineyard. This princely estate has increased its reputation from the true rarities and the splendid wines. It will take you just some few minutes to get here from Vaduz center, and it has vines surrounding it from all sides. This is one of the best things to see in Vaduz.This should be one of the must visit when you get to Vaduz since you will be able to see the princely castle quite well. You may also have an opportunity to stock up or taste a wine cellar that is self-made.


Old Rhine Bridge

This bridge connects between Vaduz Sevelen and other communities. The bride is covered with woods. The Rhine River acts as the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For many years now there have been several rivers that cross the Rhine River from this specific spot. The wooden bridge of the present days was made in 1901. Before 1975, this bridge was used for the purpose of motorized traffic. If you want to see the real border to cross from Switzerland to Liechtenstein, then you will have to get inside the bridge.


Vaduz Cathedral

The cathedral is found in Vaduz, and it is also called St. Florin Cathedral. This neo-gothic is quite huge, and it is the Vaduz Archdiocese seat. It is one of the iconic Vaduz landmarks.

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