Where To Eat In Okayama- 2018/2019 Edition

The thing about Japan is that every region has its own specialty. Every specialty has its own different, diverse ingredients. The regional specialty are called meibutsu so make sure to ask about them when you travel to the different regions inside of Japan so you can get the best gastronomic experience possible. When you visit, you might want to know where to eat in Okayama. Don’t worry, follow our guide below on the best places to in Okayama Japan.


What is Okayama’s meibutsu?

The dango is the regional specialty of Okayama. Along with the dango, oysters are also considred regional specialties.


What is a dango?

The dango is mainly a sweet rice cake that is currently eaten all over Japan. To try out the main specialties of Okayama check out these different restaurants.


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If you want to try Okonomiyaki

Name: Hontonpei

Where? Off Kencho-dori.

As mentioned above, oyster is one of the specialty items of Okayama. Definitely try it at out Hontonpei as it’s a nice place to eat in Okayama.


What can you order?

  • Tonpei-yaki (an Egg-McMuffin)
  • Pork
  • Fried egg
  • Okonomiyaki Batter
  • Homemade mayonnaise


If you want some Ramen

Name: Tomikichi

Where: Okayama-shi, Nakayamashitamachi 2-8-32

Here you can find the tonkotsu ramen. It’s also the best ramen you could try in Okayama. 


Name: Dontaku

Where: Okayama-shi, Shiroshitamachi 1-3-10

There are different types of ramen served here from goma-kara ramen, to tonkotsu-based ramen, to hot oil ramen.


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If you want to try Sushi

Name: Ginpachi

Where: Near the train station of Okayama.

You could be asking where to eat in Okayama for the best chef? Here the chef is super professional at this place and offers incredible sushi options. You’ll find that the sushi pieces are even bigger than what you’re used to having!


What do they serve?

  • Tsun-tsun maki (a maki roll with wasabi leaves)
  • Sashimi
  • Fish dishes
  • Crab
  • Octopous
  • Fired shrimp
  • Grilled ootoro
  • Katsuo-Tataki


If you want to try some Tofu

Name: Okayama-shi

Where: Omotemachi 1-10-1

This restaurant is a place you go for a systematic tofu food experience. There isn’t even a menu! You go there, you order tofu, and you leave. All tofu is made right in front of you, so you know you’re going to be getting fresh food immediately.


What do they serve you?

  • A plate made of pickles, salad and cold tofu
  • A bowl of rice
  • Miso soup
  • Three pieces of friend tofu


The experience is quite simple and is one of the best restaurants in Okayama. You get your food, pour the soy sauce over the food, eat, and leave!


If you want to try Yoshoku

Name: Grill Hirose

Where: Kurashiki City


What do they serve you?

If you want to try some great beef tongue stew, then definitely go to Grill Hirose. They are usually a specialty dish in any Yoshoku restaurant. You’re then usually served a 3 set course lunch, or a la carte.


Some examples of the food there:

  • Pork and cheese katsu
  • Omu-rice
  • Gobo or Burdock Root


Throughout your visit to the restaurant, you’ll be able to watch the chef make your food, which adds to the great authentic experience you’ll have there.


If you want to try Yakitori

Name: Nakamura

Where: Okayama-Shi, Omotemachi 3-7-10

Where to eat in Okayama for a unique experience? The thing that makes this Yakitori joint unique is how family-friendly and family oriented it is. It’s cozy, makes you feel right at home and has a lot of friendly people who go there. You might even find people initiating friendly conversations!



  • Pre-made ready food
  • Whale meat
  • Grilled whale meat
  • Mizuna meat
  • Grilled Oysters
  • Chicken
  • Tsukune



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