Tokyo With Kids- Ultimate Guide For Where To Stay And Things To Do With Kids In Tokyo 2018 Edition

Generally, Japan is one of the friendliest and safest vacation places and Tokyo with kids is a great location for a vacation. If you are planning to relax and bond with kids in Japan – particularly in the city of Tokyo’s impeccable fusion of rich historical essence and modern progress is a perfect getaway for your family.


Recommended Tour Packages In Tokyo With Kids

We scouted five (5) exciting tour packages where you can take your children (of all ages!) too conveniently and enjoyably have fun in Tokyo with kids.

First off is the Shibuya Food Guided Tour, your kids will surely love the variety of Japanese unique Japanese food visits and tour around the busy streets, yet surreal atmosphere of Shibuya metro. Imagine, kids will be fascinated to order Japanese dishes on tablets and iPads (yes, no human waitress, just touch screen gadget) and watch your kids be surprised to get their orders on shoot food ducts.

Second on the list of recommended of your Tokyo adventure is at Tsukiji Fish Market Tour. This is the most popular place for locals and tourists. Japanese are known for their love of fish dishes have been one of the major reasons for their bright – young looking skin and longevity. Kids will enjoy to see variety of displayed fresh sea creatures, plus they can witness how the whole marketplace is able to keep the cleanest public wet market in the world!

The third place on the list is the Private City Tour, where a whole day of un city tour of which various sight – seeing depends on packages availed or upon request of tourists.

Fourth guided tour would be the Hato Bus Tokyo Tours. The tour package includes a trip going to and from Mt. Fuji. You can bring your kids there to stroll around the wonderful nature view of the tallest mountain in Japan.

Finally we suggest checking out the Sumida River Cruise Guided Tour. A guided ferry boat ride tour along the Sumida River. You and your kids will be delighted to see the whole city of Tokyo from the ferry as you cross the river.

There are all wonderful places in Tokyo with kids that you should check out when visiting this beautiful city.


5 Helpful Tips When Visiting Tokyo With Kids

Before you travel and even before you plan your trip to a new adventure, you must research well about the country. It is important to get ideas from people who actually visited and been there to the place you are going to visit. This will give you an ample of time to plan your trip well. You will also decrease chances of hassles and bad travel incidents.

On this travel page, we gathered 5 helpful tips to enjoy your stay in Tokyo, Japan. But generally Tokyo is such a wonderful place. You can be assured that it is safe there and most of the people are polite.


Prepare Necessary Train Cards

Purchase Pasmo and Suica train cards at here or you can buy on the station. This will save you a lot of time to fall in line when traveling around Tokyo. The metro has such an efficient and timely train scheduling system that it can get you to all points in Tokyo without delays. All cards can be accepted in all train stations and subways except the Shinkansen (the first and famous bullet in the world). It needs a separate ticketing card system, and can travel to all parts of Japan.


Learn Few Helpful Japanese Words

Although there are quite increasing number of Japanese already who can understand and can speak English, it is important to remember that you can move around Tokyo if you prepared Japanese phrases that can help you when need directions, ask for discounts, or to respond to conversations with locals.

Yet again, it is nice that you have saved yourself polite Japanese words like “please”, “thank you” and “welcome”.

Or better yet, download a translator app in your smart phone. Although translation might be weird sometimes, but it will give you gist of messages you wanted to translate.


Prepare Your Money

Prepare small bills and loose change. Even if you have been to Tokyo in the past, you can move around easily and purchase goods easily if you have an exact change. But no worries, Japanese are polite and honest, so you do not need to worry about being scammed.

You can change your foreign monetary to money exchange shops, 7 / 11 convenience store, or banks. There are also a lot of ATMs around the city where you can withdraw money for your international debit cards. There are shops and malls that also accept international credit cards.


Be Aware That Japanese Value Privacy And Abiding Of Law

Japanese are known for their humble and quiet attribute. They feel violated if you walk around Tokyo in your boisterous and inconsiderate voice. Be wary of your environment and people around.

Do not litter. Bring your garbage with you always. Be cautious of the local warning reminders.

Do not take pictures of people in Japan (unless they allow you to). You are not even allowed to talk to little kids in Japan, or else you will get into trouble for violation of privacy. There is a systematic and effective system in Japan which students at Japan as young as 4 years old travel alone with other kids (walking, riding a bus or train) going to school together. You are not allowed to approach or even touch them.  


Reminders: Most Tourist Sites In Japan Are Closed On Mondays

Contrary to other counties, in Tokyo, popular places for sight – seeing are often not operation during Mondays. This is probably because Monday is the least number of tour visits. Families often are able to visit popular landmarks in Japan on weekends, thus they close on Mondays for maintenance and day off of employees.


5 Family Friendly Hotels In Tokyo

You already planned you vacation to Tokyo, the city of high technology and high end electronic products. Truly, the city is a family – oriented and family – friendly place for tourists in big groups. You can check available hotels and inns at for your convenience of the best hotels in Tokyo for kids.

It is also wise to choose best accommodations in the metro, because not all hotels can accommodate large number of family members in one room unit. Once should always be reminded that Tokyo is a bit expensive compared to other Asian countries. It is once considered in Times Magazine as used to be the highest standard of living in the past. Food, hotels, apparels and other amenities are a bit pricey for kids hotels in Tokyo. But of course, it is all worth it!

Japan is the land of many inventions and lots of rich ancient traditions.

We listed 5 Tokyo hotels with kids from hundreds of accommodation places in Tokyo. You check the other articles about Japan on this link to get more options on other hotels and inns in Tokyo aside from the list we are going to tell you.


Hotel Sunroute In Shinjuku

The Hotel Sunroute can offer rooms for huge family. They provided from single, queen, triple and quadruple beds for guests who brought their kids with them. This is a 3 star hotel, yet you will be surprised that you will receive amenities and treated as it is a 5 star hotel! Check out rooms and rates here.


Hotel Wing In Yotsuya

The Hotel Wing is also as less expensive as the Hotel Sunroute, The rooms are clean and can offer big rooms for large number of guests who wanted to stay in the same room. Check out rooms and rates here.


Hilton Tokyo Bay At Disneyland

Your kids will sure enjoy if you will stay in DisneySea Resort Hotel. The hotel is built about a man – made island. It is a dream come true for your kids, because they get to move around the DisneySea and be treated like VIPs. Around the hotel is also an amusement park and well-designed gardens. Check out rooms and rates here.


Shinagawa Prince Hotel At Marunouchi

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is just 2 or 5 minutes away Shinagawa St. Around the area of the hotel is shops and other souvenir and novelty shops. Most of guests who have been to this hotel have nothing but all praises to the good services and complete amenities Check out rooms and rates here.


Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome

Another less expensive accommodation is the Mitsui Garden Hotel. The hotel is at Minato and is 7 minutes’ walk away from nearest JR trains station. You can even walk going to Tokyo Tower from this hotel. Check out rooms and rates here.



In Tokyo, even the hotels are rated 3 stars, as well as the small hostels, you will be surprise how clean, well – kept, and the establishment have complete amenities like a good hotel compared to other countries.


Top 12 Activities To Do In Tokyo With Kids

Tokyo Metropolis Prefecture is an ultra-developed city where the mix of traditional Japanese culture has blended with the current modern era. As you take walk the busy streets of Tokyo, you will see a lot of hurrying office workers, and yet be fascinated how others walk timidly (and behave – a famous trait of Japanese). Your kids in Tokyo will also enjoy seeing diverse teenagers who freely express their fashion taste in public. Nonetheless, Japan is a fusion of two eras.

After selecting the top 5 package tour for your family in Tokyo, we have summarized 12 popular things you need to try in Tokyo with kids in Japan.


#1 Tokyo Disneyland Park And Tokyo Disyney Sea Resort

Your Japan vacation will not be complete if you are not able to visit happiest place on earth – Disneyland in Tokyo. Disney land is perhaps one of the dream vacation places of most kids (and even adults!).

You and your kids will enjoy different kinds of fun carnival rides and will get to meet famous Disney characters on TV and movies. There is also musical and fireworks show done in the park and resort.

There are two Disneyland in Tokyo: One is the Disneyland Theme Park and the other the Tokyo Disney Sea Resort. The park and resort are of different locations. So you have to prepare extra money if you would like to visit the kid’s dreamland. The Disney Sea is located on a man – made island, still under Tokyo City.

Check out online the reviews of Disneyland and Disney Sea, if you are not decided which Disneyland you wanted to visit.


#2 Legoland Discovery Center

Well, what kid who does not like and who was not able to play blocks? Specifically, Lego! Like in Disneyland, kids would really enjoy their visit in Legoland. Kids will be able to see different kinds of amazing and fascinated assembly of Lego (with the toy actual size each piece) and is turned into giant and impressive creations.

There a lot of real life size cars, houses, world famous landmarks, and giant assemblies to see on the kid’s toy dreamland. It is a museum of of Lego pieces creations.

There are reviews and feedback about the park which you can read online. The Legoland center is open 7 days a week.


#3 Enjoy At Joypolis Entertainment Center

Tokyo is such a progressive city. What better way to enjoy the origin of all high end electronic games and gadgets? You should bring your kids at the Joypolis Entertainment Center. The entertainment center is so far the largest and finest indoor theme park in the whole country of Japan. The Joypolis Entertainment Center is open the whole week but only until 7:30 in the evening.


#4 Make A Sushie Roll At Tsukiji Market

As we have stated above, Tsukiji Market is popular for both locals and tourists to visit. Local Japanese household regular and prefers to buy freshest fish meat in this market.

You can bring you kids here and see how the place is sanitarily kept clean and organized.

If you are able to wake up early as early as 5 in the morning, bring your kids to witness the selling bidding of the tuna and other fishes that will all be distributed to the best eating shops and restaurants around Tokyo metro.

Of course, do not forget to enroll your children to cooking and sushi making class at Tsukuji. It is the time of the year when you will teach your kids some Japanese dish cooking skills.


#5 Watch A Baseball Game

Japan is famous for baseball. In fact, Japan Baseball team is so good that every time the team competes on other countries, it is always expected will be able to take home the championship prize.

Japan is like the Brazil of football (soccer), however, Japan is the baseball capital of the world. You can purchase ticket at to check game schedule and watched with your child.


#6 Try Sports Activities At Tokyo Dome City (Amusement Park)

The Tokyo Dome City is also called as the “Big Egg City”. Japanese named the dome as this, because it resembles like a huge egg.

You can bring your kids here and try various sports activities. There are also facilities for spa and different amusement rides and fun attractions inside the dome. The Bid Egg City is open from Mondays till weekends.


#7 Be Amazed Inside The National Museum Of Nature And Science

You can wake up your child’s interest in love of Science and Technology. You kids will be amazed on the dinosaurs and other fossil displays (both replica and original unearthed fossils) at The National Museum of Nature and Science.

The museum also exhibit numerous Science displays and interesting pieces that will make your kids’ awareness to Science spark.

The National Museum of Nature and Science is only open from Tuesdays to Sundays. You can walk with your child from JR Station and Ueno Subway going to the museum.


#8 Mairikan Museum Of Innovation And Emerging Science

Do you know where world famous robot of Asimo is located at Mairikan Museum? The cool thing is that this robot strolls through the museum and talks with the guests during operating hours. Asimo was engineered by genius minds from Honda automobile company. The museum showcase a lot of interesting Science innovations, including astronomy and engineering.

You kids will sure enjoy and learn a lot in this museum. The museum is open through Wednesdays to Mondays and closed at Tuesdays. It is only 15 minutes’ walk from Tokyo downtown area.


#9 Climb The Tokyo Tower

After the refurbishing and renovation of the topmost deck the Tokyo Tower, it has gathered and lured thousands of local and foreign tourists. The tower is the second tallest structure in Japan, towering at the height of over 333 meters! The design of the tower was inspired from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, however Tokyo’s have different color and light design (due to intellectual property rights of the original tower). The construction of the Tokyo Tower was completed in the year 1958.

The Tokyo Tower has more than 600 stair steps which you can climb up to the roof deck observatory. You can visit with your kids in the Tokyo Tower all year round.


#10 Reach The Heavens In Tokyo Skytree

You want to climb more higher than the Tokyo Tower? You can twice a high the Tokyo Skytree, which is the tallest structure in the whole Japan. You can frolic and view the whole Tokyo and Shibuya atop the grand structure.

The Tokyo SkyTree is exactly 63 meters in height and was complete only the year 2011. There are events and other activities can be held there.


#11 Stroll Inside The Sunshine City Mall

The Sunshine City Mall has two famous centers that kids can visit. One is the Sunshine Aquarium is a great place for kids to learn more about the living creatures and corals of the ocean. The huge aquarium is situated just above the Sunshine City Mall.

And the other one is the most popular for Japanese animation, manga and anime J-World amusement park.

You can do both shopping errands in the mall and enjoy sight – seeing as well. Please read more reviews about Aquarium  and J-World.


#12 Walk In Owe Around Tokyo Imperial Palace

Well, Japan has a lot of amusement and theme park that is for sure. Your visit in Tokyo is not complete without visiting too many fun parks and activity gaming centers. But one thing is interesting to bring your kids to the Tokyo Imperial Palace and Gardens.

The Imperial Palace is the official residence of the royal family of Japan emperor and empress in Tokyo. Although it is an honor and a great deal to enter the Royal Palace, unfortunately, the Imperial palace is only open 2 days in a year. These are from January 2 through December 23. But if you are not lucky enough to enter the palace, you can enjoy a nice walk around the Royal Imperial Gardens that are well kept.


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