Osaka Layover Guide: Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Don’t worry if you have a layover in Kansai International Airport (KIX) as it is the 6th place on the top ten airports in the world.There are many things to do while waiting. It is only 24 mi. from Osoka, meaning that you can easily visit during a long wait.

There are many different relaxation option in the airport. The waiting areas, showers and refresh cabins, as well as the Relaxation Forest are a few of the places you can visit. In addition, the Sky View Observation Hall offers great views of the entire airport. From here you can view the planes as they land and take off. You can get there by shuttle bus.

The Business Center is also accessible on the fourth floor. It has several business services such as copying, faxing, and much more. For those who want to drop bags while exploring, the airport has temporary storage and coin lockers. They are available for 10 days maximum usage. If you want to leave the airport, there are many ways including buses, taxis, train, and ferry.


Best Things To Do During A Layover In Osaka:

City Tours

There are many tours to take of the city, depending on when you come in and what you want to see such as bus tours, walking tours, food tours, and a lot more.



The Shitennoji Temple is the oldest Japanese temple going back more than more than a millennia. It’s famous for the Buddhist architectural symmetry. In addition, many festivals are held at there including “Doya-Doya” in January and one in Autumn.



Spa World has a lot services including fitness and workout to relaxation and spa for the weary traveller. Click here to get more info and click here for pricing and hours.


Sky Building – Garden Observatory

The Umeda has 2 main towers with the 39th floor Floating Garden Observatory connecting the two. In addition, you can get a great look at the city.



The Osaka Kaiyukan aquarium is among the world’s largest. It has animals mostly from the Pacific Ocean. In addition, it has an attraction that gives the feeling of being underwater.


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