Nara Dreamland Japan: Best Things To Do In Nara Dreamland And How To Get There

How To Get To Nara Dreamland

Are you ready to get into an adventure? What if I tell you that getting to Nara Dreamland may not be entirely legal? Well, there are a lot of amusement parks in the charming country of Japan, but Nara Dreamland is just one of those that truly captivate my heart.

Well, the Nara Dreamland is not your usual tourist destination. It may not even be included in the most common spots for itineraries. But based on what I heard about this place, it is filled with interesting, mysterious, and fascinating details that I surely would not want to miss in my lifetime. So even when most are hesitant to come here, I still took all the courage and energy to explore this seemingly promising dreamland.

In order to get an initial idea of where I am headed to, I sought the help from Google. By using the Google Earth feature, it dawned on me that the entire theme park was extremely large. But this fact only made me even more excited and challenged.

I made sure that I was fully prepared for my adventure to the Nara Dreamland. I woke up early in the morning in order to get to the place without being caught by authorities. I also thought that early morning is the best time to visit the place for more fascinating photograph lighting.

Alas! As I was entering the park, some barbed wires greeted me! Google Earth did not really indicate that there were barbed wires surrounding my chosen access point. Luckily, I was able to make my resourcefulness work for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. I managed to get into the park with not much ease but with full of adrenaline rush. Just imagine, the beginning of the journey was already met with surprising challenges such as going through a small hole just to make sure that I get to successfully enter the place without being pricked by the barbed wires!


Inside Dreamland

Historically speaking, Nara Dreamland was constructed with an inspiration coming from the Disneyland California. The entire structure is very reflective of the California theme park. You will see that the castles were the ones where kids could have surely loved to spend their time. You wouldn’t fail to regret the place because it is truly a magnificent replica of the park in the West.

Despite the beauty and glamour of the place, it was shut down in 2006 primarily because it failed to generate sufficient income that is needed for its continued operations. The management felt the need to just leave the place as it is without actually trying to sell the property. They did not even try to develop or transform the place just to recover all expenses incurred from its construction. They just left Nara Dreamland as it is – all ticket booths, theme park rides, and architectural wonders were abandoned.


Exploring Nara Dreamland

Going to the entire theme park was similar to a survival challenge which made me feel a lot of emotions from excitement to fear, trembling, and happiness. I made sure that I took a photograph of every corner of the dreamland. Although nothing alive or moving was there in the place, I still felt so much happiness from such a dreamy park. The entire area is like a forgotten fairy tale! If only the business management would open it, I am sure that kids would love to see the castles, the rides, and all the other elements in it.

I was able to tour the place all on my own without any interruption from a police officer. Well, I may have been truly lucky that day because I am not sure what I would do if ever I had been caught!

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