5 Cities To Visit In Japan And Landmarks That You Shouldn’t Miss

Highly Tokyo, Japan is such a highly advance city. But you will be surprised that In spite of the fast progressive status of the city, it was able to keep its roots and tradition rich. Japan has lots of amazing places that you should visit and we have a list of the best 5 cities to visit in Japan.

Japanese families still was able to observe traditions that have exited thousands of years ago, eat the same dish prepared by their ancestors, and they still keep architectural structure which is all inspired by the old Japan. That is truly fascinating! We listed 5 places to visit in Japan with kids and your family!


To experience both modern and traditional peaceful city, you have to go to Tokyo. When you ride the train, you will be amazed that in just (not too far away distance), about a kilometer, you will see as if you have time travelled from futuristic place, and see a lot of trees and surreal atmosphere.There are a lot of specialty shops, malls, cute themed cafes, hotels high rise structures, amusement centers, and well preserved parks and gardens


Kyoto should be the highlight of your trip to Japan. It is quite interesting for the well – preserved history that screams on its numerous museums, temples, and castles. These historical sites also boast behind are the fresh scenery of untouched mountains with a lot of trees that changes colors depending in seasons.

Hakone is a mountainous place surrounded by aged trees at the Kanagawa Prefecture. There batch and Shrines in the area. You can also visit the Fuji – Hakone – National Park of Tokyo. You can also take a bath on hot springs and lakes in the area.


Yes, there is also a beach resort in Japan. The Kamakura boasts a beautiful coastline. The place is located at the Southern part of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture. There museums that you can visit as well as shrine, aside from the beach shore. There is also Kakiya Ryokan in the area which caters for a large group of guests.



Osaka is a commercial area in the Island of Honshu. The Old Osaka Castle can be found here, which was built way back 16th century. Tourists can book and at a budget friendly hotel Hotel Naniwa which offer accommodations for large number of family members.

Tourists can also admire the oldest Shinto shrine, names Sumiyoshi – taisha. The shrine is surrounded fruit bearing trees like apples, pears and berries. There also a lot of cherry blossom (Sakura), and fire autumn tree around the whole Osaka.

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