10 Best Restaurants In Okayama – 2018/2019 Edition

Different places will offer you different food specialty. Every restaurant has their special way of mixing ingredients to give an extraordinary meal. It will be good to have an idea of where you will have your food if you are planning to visit for some of the of the best restaurants in Okayama.

These restaurants have a variety of foods to meet the needs of different people. Below are some of the restaurants in Okayama where you can get some special and mouthwatering foods:


  1. Ajitsukasa Nomura

Your trip to Okayama is not complete if you have not had a taste of Demi-Katsudon. If you wish to have a good taste of this food, visit Ajitsukasa Nomura restaurant. This restaurant is known to be the best in Okayama in preparing this meal. Despite the fact that the eating place is small, it has a cherished and comfortable atmosphere.


  1. Kabakuro Maeda

This restaurant was started just recently, it has gained such popularity in a very short time and has become known as one of Okayama best restaurants. This specialty hotel in Okayama is known to prepare the best Butakaba dish. The dish is made by overcooking red meat and covering it with a sauce. It is then dished up with rice in a box with a bento style. This meal is not only delicious and tasty but also affordable. It will cost you approximately 550 yen to 800 yen


  1. Taco Style

Are you in love with Mexican food? If yes the Taco style restaurant is the place you need to visit. They prepare delicious and high-quality Mexican food. You will also have the chance to take burritos, nachos, and other appetizing taco foods. Their foods are always luscious, and it’s the best place in Okayama to take Mexican foods.


  1. Raccos Burger

Many restaurants in Japan make crusty burgers, but they all have a similar taste. These burgers made in these restaurants have the same taste with meatloaf patties. It may be pretty challenging to get a place you can eat a variety of burgers. Raccos Burger is however well-known by locals and tourists to make exceptionally tasty buggers of different varieties.


  1. Cozzy’s

Cozzy restaurant sells a variety of yummy food items. It’s one of the best restaurants in Okayama. You should feel comfortable asking for any food from their menu be it a sandwich, dessert or even a bugger for you will not be disappointed. Their hamburgers and cheeseburgers cannot be compared with those of any restaurant in the area. It may have a small spacing, but it’s a place you can enjoy with friends.


  1. Datesoba

Datesoba is among the oldest restaurants in Okayama for it has been in existence for more than sixty years now. For all that time, it is well known for providing delicious foods to their customers. It shines from all the other places in the area because of its excellent customer service and graceful staff.


  1. Sundar Mahal

If you would love a taste of Indian food, visit Sundar Mahal restaurant. This hotel in Okayama is known for its high-quality Indian dishes. It is a hotel for everyone because they will have something delicious for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You may not get beef curry in this place, but you will have chicken, pork and seafood curry. I can assure you that they are meals you will love.


  1. Gyoza Yatai

Looking for a restaurant with Chinese food? Then you should check out Gyouza Yatai for one of the best restaurants in Okayama. It is the best hotel in Okayama for Chinese foods. It has a large space, and the interior is made with a carved marble appearance with Chinese motifs. The design is unique and lovely. You will find all the famous Chinese foods here among them dumplings, gyouza, chao fan, and Subuta.


  1. Yamato

Okayama Ramen is a specialty food in Okayama. Yamato makes the best of this great dish. The dish has different varieties. One of the most recommendable is the Chuuka Ramen. This is almost the same with the Chinese soba ramen. The best things about it are that is affordable and makes our list of Okayama’s best restaurants. It will cost you around 700 yen to have this dish in Yamato.


  1. Hakakuji

Hakakuji is a great restaurant is Okayama for fast food. Here you will get high quality and fresh fruits. They also make and tasty Japanese great deserts.

Above are the most well-known restaurants in Okayama that provide different types of dishes. There are foods for everyone irrespective of where you come from. You will get Japanese, American, Mexican and Indian foods among others.

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