Traveling From Venice To Cinque Terre – 2018/2019 Guide

In this article, I will walk you through the main options on how you can get in Cinque Terre from Venice. But as you can see on other articles written about roaming around in Italy, transportation modes missed one thing: buses. Now, let’s get them covered. There is Italian bus network in there but not really a big national network which will give you some pieces to put together as you leave one region for another. Their bus systems don’t typically give you ease in completing your journey. Here are the other options to help you solve the puzzle of traveling from Venice to Cinque Terre and we’ll explain all these options below.


How To Travel To Cinque Terre From Venice

Venice To Cinque Terre By Train

What you will be choosing depends on your own preferences of going to Cinque Terre from Venice, make sure to choose one that perfectly goes well with your travel styles. There is one route that needs you to change train two times and that’s the main difference while the other requires only one. The two-change route usually runs faster but both only have 30-minute laps or less.

Routes that only have one stop travel from the station of Venezia Santa Lucia to the station of Milano Centrale then straight to the Cinque Terre’s northernmost town, Monterosso. You’ll see this route running about 4 times a day taking approximately 6 hours and 25 minutes all round rides. That time includes your wait taking roughly 30 minutes at the Milano Centrale train station. Whether you are taking up first-class (costing around €71) or second-class (costing around €52) tickets, it could make your day.

On the other hand, routes with two stops will be traveling from the train station of Venezia Santa Lucia to Florence’s Firence Santa Maria Novella station. Then, it will be making its final stop at Cinque Terre. You could also make La Spezia or Sarzana as an alternative. This trip only takes 5.5 to 5.75 hours with only €73 to €77 first-class ticket prices and only €51 to €57 second-class ticket prices.

Nowadays, 1-stop trips have to travel new route alternative such as Venezia Santa Lucia to Bologna Centrale train station. Its final stop would be Monterosso taking up to 6 hours including a roughly 40-minute wait in Bologna. This travel option is the cheapest among the three as the second-class ticket is just €42 or above while the first-class is only €61 or up when getting to Cinque Terre from Florence. The only problem here is that it runs only once and does not get into Bologna until the time turns 5 pm. If you want to have a two-hour detour in the city before heading to Cinque Terre, tour fast.

Just make a few walks, eat meals and then wait for another train in Monterosso. There will be trains going to Cinque Terre every hour, some of them need you to change train again, but one thing you have to bear in mind is the time of their last trip which is around 7 pm. Set your watch or you’ll be left behind when going from Florence to Cinque Terre!


Venice To Cinque Terre By Car Driving

Technically, driving is a big possible when taking up the route from Venice to Cinque Terre. This is the main reason why I am including this option here. However, if having to change train sounds annoying to you, getting a vacation with your own set of wheels could ruin your day too. Remember that not all places can be accessed by cars. There are also certain locations which require a different vehicle.

For beginners, the golden place of Venice is a no-brainer. You can’t find any road so you can’t drive. Thus, driving can only be possible by renting a car on the mainland. Driving throughout the heart of Italy from there could be the most memorable memory if you feel comfortable doing that in places you’re not familiar with. By using GPS systems or driving maps, Italy’s roads, highways, and other trails can easily be handled.

You could also enjoy driving all the way through the midsection. It is just like a short distance on the map yet it is very difficult to pass through for real. Main roads going to the Cinque Terre are narrow and winding. Expect your riding to be challenging as you don’t always have to be in a car. There are times you need to park the car and walk or get a shuttle to assist with your luggage. You only have to pay around €20 per day for getting your car parked and another expense for the shuttle.

The recommended driving route according to the Via Michelin site that I love for driving directions in Europe is just 400 km or less where nearly 360 km driving in it happens on the highway. When there is no traffic, this will take you around 4.75 hours with about €30 toll fee. The route brings you into Bologna right after you passed southwest, Ferrara. This will take you then to northwest Parma and the final stop would be Cinque Terre.

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