How To Travel From Florence To Cinque Terre – 2018/2019 Guide

So, you’re done with your stay in Florence and have embraced the renaissance, enchanting and irresistibly romantic place of world-class arts and delicious cuisines? Now that you’re heading back to Cinque Terre from Florence, coastlines of tiny colorful villages, you can do a lot more to continue your Italian adventure – without hassle.

Going to Cinque Terre from Florence can be best with train and can also be spent by driving. Buses in Italy may not be a good idea because they are not national; their routes are in regional instead. Thus, reaching Cinque Terre, a part of Liguria region and Florence which also belong to Tuscany (a central region in Italy) by bus is a big headache. However, if you’re the kind of man who can’t live without buses, you may find a big-bus tour to Cinque Terre from Florence for a big day-trip. There’s other ways to go from Florence to Cinque Terre and we’ll explain these options below.


How To Get To Cinque Terre From Florence

Cinque Terre To Florence By Car Driving

If you want to spend trips by driving in Italy, learn to activate your patience or else you can punch someone along the road. While places especially somewhere in coastlines offer dramatic views, they are narrow and twisting when going from Florence to Cinque Terre. There are a lot of other cars, motorbikes, scooters, trucks and big buses in there. Be alert and be ready to press your honks every time you make a turn to get headaches out your journey.

For car driving, it is best to invest extra insurances to secure yourself against such kind of upsetting amusement park ride. If it sounds like no fun at all, leave your car behind and get some train tickets.


Cinque Terre To Florence By Train

The best way to take the trip from Cinque Terre to Florence is often by train. Trips via this route may change at some point. However, if you are a kind of traveler who has plans what to do in Italy beforetime, you can use such changes as an opportunity to check things off your list.

Trains are often the busiest transport running all year round connecting the five villages. Monterosso, the largest village, has the busiest train station. Riomaggiore is the village you would meet when touring north right from La Spezia. Depending on which of the villages you are residing, change and transfer may happen. For routes going to Florence from Monterroso, La Spezia might be the best stop since certain changes often happen in there.

However, not all trips have to set off at La Spezia. Some routes go straight from Monterosso to other train alterations you may have. If you are already in Monterosso and traveling straight works for you, itineraries like this might be the best option to hop on. For whatever confusions you may have in mind, there are clerks willing to assist you with your routes and other needs in the train station.

There is mostly a change for a train would happen somewhere between Cinque Terre and Florence. That’s a matter of no exception even if you’re departing from La Spezia. There are times you can skip such case only if you pay attention to what time and route you choose. Sarzana, Pisa and Viareggio cities allow you to change your trains depending on the route and time you’re leaving. If you don’t have many things to do in those train-change cities, we recommend choosing an itinerary that’s no longer include that or at least stay in Pisa in no longer than two hours.

To make your 2-hour stop in Pisa possible, don’t lurk anywhere right after you get off. Just find one spot to see such as the leaning tower and then head back to the train station for the next Pisa-Florence journey. You’ll have to do that because Cinque Terre to Florence ticket does not have train times. Watch the time or miss the train!

You can make your little Pisa exploration hassle-free by using luggage lockers at the Pisa train station. You can also use lockers operated by guards for your luggage in there.

The cost of the ticket departing from Cinque to Florence varies. It depends on what villages you want to start your departure from and how many changes you’re gonna be making. First class tickets may fall from €12-21 price range while second-class ones are from €9-15. The length of the time your trip will take also depends on the train you’re riding. But most of the time, Cinque Terre to Florence route approximately takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours excluding train transfers.


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