How To Go From Naples To Sorrento – 2018/2019 Guide

Heading from Naples to Sorrento is a rewarding trip – lots of low key museums, forts, cafes, and churches. To get the most out of your trip here is perhaps to plan ahead of your visit; otherwise, you may end up missing many memorable memories.

However, no matter how I might force you to stay and lurk the city, you most likely need something even more exciting. Sorrento might give you that. It is like a sun-soaked paradise island where you can relax and just eat your lunch. Sorrento is not actually a part of the eminent Amalfi Coast, a famous holiday destination, but basically has more beautiful perks and is much quicker to travel from Naples to Amalfi.

When it comes to traveling to Sorrento, there are two transportation options you may use the easiest way: rail and boat. But these two might not give the same convenience you deserve. Read on so you can weigh things up if you want to go to Sorrento from Naples.


How To Get To Sorrento From Naples

Naples To Sorrento By Train

Sorrento is a mirror of an Italian mainland, therefore, reaching it is not that hard. You can go in there by riding the Circumvesuviana train from Naples running along the coast. You can see Circumvesuviana by walking downstairs from the ones with regular rides. You won’t get bored inside because there are several coastal towns to pass by including Pompeii and Herculaneum.

To make sure the trains are getting caught up, bear in mind that trains via Naples to Sorrento leave about every half-hour from Stazione Napoli Centrale in Piazza Garibaldi, the main station. They are available every day but in a limited hour only, mostly 06:00 to 23:00. Your travel only takes 45 minutes but sometimes lasts up to 1.25 hours, depending on the train. For faster train tips, you may ride one that marks “direttissimo” as it makes fewer stops than the “diretto”.

Regarding with the Circumvesuviana tickets, there are ticket boots or automated machines around where you can only pay €4 or less for a one-way trip. If ever you don’t want a long stay in Naples and will be returning back on the same day, have a day-long ticket pass to avoid purchasing two separate one-way tickets for an additional hassle. For you to have more savings and less hassle adventure, save your train fees and other expenses by buying ArteCard Campania.

Taking the train is good, cheap and convenient, but it might not be the safest option. Pickpockets and loss of belongings are also common in trains. Travelers that are not smart enough are not welcome. However, if you still want the train to bring you in Sorrento from Naples, make your money secure and pay attention to your belongings.


Naples To Sorrento By Car Driving 

Driving is fun. You can stop and go in places wherever you want. Most importantly, it’s you that’s holding the time. Going from Naples to Sorrento by car is absolutely terrific. Your routes would include driving along a coastline such as the Naples Bay but you’re not just winding along coastal roads all day long. Your roughly 30-mile (50 km.) travel is chiefly on highways so be ready to experience annoying traffics especially on weekends. The good thing is that going from Naples by car is not really a long trip unless you get sucked by bumps in the road.

You’ll have to take a toll road or the A3 motorway if you go driving from Naples to Sorrento. You will reach the exit for “Castellammare di Stabia” by making the direction of “Salerno-Reggio Calabria” as a guide. Once you arrive at “La Sorrentina”, signs for Sorrento come next.


Naples To Sorrento By Boat

Circumvesuviana trains are known for pickpocket incidents but not just that. Trains will take a longer time to arrive. This is how a boat becomes a great option. While taking a boat from Naples to Sorrento is faster than riding a train, you would also get a wide view of Naples’ beautiful scenery and Mt. Vesuvius right above the water. Traveling by boat is probably a more expensive option but if you really want to see the wonders of the world with a fresh breeze, this is pretty worth it!


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