How To Get To Sorrento From Naples

Naples is a lovely city sitting on top of an active volcano in southern part of Italy. What used to be a destructive explosion ages ago that destroyed the neighboring towns, is now the foreground of the marvelous scenery in Italy. For a long weekend getaway to Italy, you must visit Naples and cross over to the next city of Sorrento  to really experience the true beauty of Italy in these parts of the European countryside.

Sorrento sits on the hillside of the Southwestern part of Italy. The grandeur view of the vast seaside of the Tyrrhenian Sea is worth a visit. The Amalfi Coast allows you to visit to other nearby towns like Amalfi, Isle of Capri, Ischia, and Naples through hydrofoils, boats, and ferries.

There are many ways to relish a travel vacation from Naples to Sorrento. Naples is just head-to-head across Sorrento separated with Gulf of Naples and Gulf of Salerno. The view of the body of water overlooking the hillside of the Italian side itself is a good and relaxing thing to expect. Check below the unique ways for you to travel from Naples to Sorrento in Italy.


How To Get To Sorrento From Naples

Train Ride To Sorrento From Naples

It is best to visit Naples and Sorrento on months of September to April. However, you can avail huge discounts and saving during off peak seasons like May until June. Riding through train to Sorrento can let you see different amazing towns. The Amalfi Coast is has perfect view of colorful blossom during summer and a cold white view on winter. The mainland from Naples to Sorrento is such a grandeur of greenery and luscious nature scenery.

Ride at the Stazione Napoli Centrale on Piazza Garibaldi at Naples if you want to reach Sorrento station. The train ride will take you about 1 hour to 1 and half hours. Train schedule is every thirty minutes or sometimes every hour. Using train to get to Sorrento is somehow the cheapest way to travel in Italy.

Tickets are available just within the train station for about €4. You can buy ahead of time going to and from if you want to evade long lines during busy hours or if you want to secure tickets are for sure.

Make sure you have to take care of your things at all times since there are a lot of crowds in train stations. WE all know where there are a lot of people crowding, there might have a lot of possibilities of pickpockets and schemers.


Travel Using By Car From Naples To Sorrento

If you are the kind of person who wanted to enjoy more traveling your own way, you can use your car to cross from Naples to Sorrento. This is convenient because you can easily stop over to places you wanted to have a quick visit. You can also conveniently bring more luggage and things you needed for your travel. However, it is encourage you should need to be cautious when you ride since the road from Naples to Sorrento is quite busy. Drive through Salerno – Reggio Calabria to get to the end of Castellammare di Stabia at La Sorrentina which you expect a heavy traffic flow. So make sure you have to make sure you stay away during peak road hours where there is a heavy congestion of traffic. No worries, the great view of the long coastline of Naples Bay can take away the tiring 50 kilometer drive.


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