How To Get To Cinque Terre From Venice (Vice Versa)

Observing the locals in Cinque Terre moving and out their beautiful colorful structured houses is such a sight. Not that you feel like a stalker, which is. Of course you do not want to make residents feel uncomfortable by staring tightly on the privacy of their homes.

The simple yet vibrant houses stand still on the cliff of the Cinque Terre coastline is a restful and refreshing view. And on the other side of the houses’ area, you can still feel the light feeling of seeing boats, yachts, and ferries afloat the seaside.

Once you decided to visit Cinque Terre, you might as well like to hop in to a city of a hundred islands in a lagoon. But of course, who would not know about the iconic Grand Canal in Venice which literally has been copied by a lot of tourist spots area around the world! Aside from that, anyone would definitely love to see the Venice Central Square, and Piazza San Marco!

You can start your long weekend at Cinque Terre to wrap up all your travel adventure to Venice.


How To Get To Cinque Terre From Venice

Travel By Train From Venice To Cinque Terre

To experience more of the Italian way of traveling, you should definitely try to use railway system in Venice. European train system is quite systematic and often is able to keep up with the train schedule. Residents, working and students rely on traveling through train because of the convenience, whether it is just a short distance or traveling from one region to another in Italy.

You can buy tickets on the train station, and choose your next stop over. You may not necessarily directly ride a train to Venice; you might want to stop over to other stations before reaching Venice. Basically, most train stations in Italy often are strategically close to famous tourist destination areas. If you are in a hurry to get to Venice form Cinque Terre, you can ask ticket agents for faster options. Prices of tickets varies on the train class and stop overs. The faster and lesser stop over are often more expensive.

Start with going to Monterosso train station in Cinque Terre. Purchase your ticket there, which you need to go to Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia in Venice. Or vice versa from Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore SP and then end your trip at Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice. Travel time will is about 5 and half hours to more than 6 hours. Be noted that you can buy either regular ticket worth €52, or the first class ticket for €71.

The view for both sides of your train ride to Venice, Italy is what so exciting. On the other side is mountainous greenery and sprawl of nature grandeur (and snow-capped mountains on winter time); and on the other side would give you a taste of the white or sometime colorful small concrete houses lines up on the hill side or plains. That is such a sight. You can either appreciate or take pictures during your 6 hours train ride; or take a snooze off before strolling in the marvelous city of Venice.

There are those also who would want to stop over Pisa Centrale and visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa; which is about 2 kilometers away from the station. Take few pictures there and stroll around the iconic peculiar structure, then go back again to the train station to continue your trip to Venice. You should check train schedule and prices of tickets before you leave at Cinque Terre. You can purchase ticket as you leave so you will not have to waste money and time.

Then you can also have the option to stop over to Metropolitan City of Bologna station. This will give you about 40 minute to 2 hours break stop. Then purchase again ticket to continue your trip. Be reminded that stop overs from Bologna, and from the prior station in Pisa, you will have to pay separate tickets. You can try out café, bar, and restaurants nearby Bologna Centrale. Or probably collect purchases of souvenirs on each station you pass. It gives you more things to do and enjoy during your stop over. Next trip to Monterosso is worth about €42 for second class ticket, and about €61 for first class.


Travel By Car To Cinque Terre From Venice

Well, no matter what kind of vehicle you use to get to Venice from Cinque Terre; it was quite a better option to drive through the nice timeworn – like villages across the country side of Venice and Cinque Terre.

Either way you own the car that you would be using to cross from one region to another in Italy, or you can rent a car in metro of Venice or Cinque Terre. Renting cars in Italy is not that easy, as long as you have the driving licenses and documents needed to rent a vehicle and drive, then you are off to go.

Driving in the streets of Italy needs a lot of patience to bear during heavy traffic flow, and some driving skills to drive carefully to swift and diverse types of roads. But driving yourself to travel to Venice is all worth your while. You can all the time by yourself without having to think of the schedule for the next bus stop. And you can also have decide when and where to have a quick stop over, perhaps for a coffee break or take pictures along the way.

The convenience of bringing as many travel bags as you needed might also an additional advantage as to driving a car. Besides, you do not have to worry because you can bring your own GPS system or check out the internet to find your way around the cities and villages in case you are lost. Just be warned of the parking fees on certain areas around Italy is a bit pricey. Sometimes, it cost as expensive as €20 for the whole day. It is not smart to pay that much if you are only going to leave your car for few minutes and you will end up to pay a whole day’s worth.


Travel By Bus To Cinque Terre

There are only few bus companies that offer travel services to different towns and regions nearby Cinque Terre, which includes trip to Venice. Generally, traveling through bus is not really all fun and adventure. It will take you about for hours or more. But if you are not really in a hurry, and you wanted to take a lot of time to frolic and try another way to travel Italy – a bus would be a good try.


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