How To Get To Cinque Terre From Florence

With the long flourishing coastline and a number of iconic architecture structures in Florence, probably it is one of the most sought after vacation places of those who love nature, and appreciates arts and historical structures. Well, Florence is somewhat synonymous for arts, culture, and architecture. From the famous European Duomo Cathedral and Gothic bell tower to the lavish galleries, renaissance masterpieces, and museums of world renowned artists are all can be found in the capital where you can enjoy all in Florence.

The same way as Florence, the nearby old ancient like view of Cinque Terre village resembles and seems like a continuity of the scenery in the famous Italian capital. The Cinque Terre consists of 5 towns that spur colorful houses uniformly themed with garden –like terraces, and a long fine sight of nostalgic vineyards.

Taking a weekend vacation to Florence in Tuscany is quite a relaxing time to spend your vacation. For few kilometers away you should also take time to explore the Cinque Terre in Liguria.

The two lovely places are quite famous for tourists, and locals for day trips and even long weekend vacation. And because of that demand, there quite a lot of options how to get to Florence from Cinque Terre.


How To Get To Cinque Terre From Florence

Drive From Florence To Cinque Terre By car

If you own a car you can drive yourself from Florence to Cinque Terre. Or you can also ret cars or vans on car rental companies in Florence. Although you may try car rental in Italy but it is a bit expensive. It requires you a lot of documents as a proof that you a legitimate driver and will have to prove you can return the car safely. But generally, it will still be convenient, especially if you bring a lot of luggage. You must be a good driver and has long patience. Italy’s main roads are a bit too busy and a little crazy. Otherwise, you have to really try the train instead.

Driving in a busy road of Florence is not all a fuss. You can enjoy and appreciate the good weather, observe locals and other road travelers’ culture on road, and still be amazed of the nature coastline and houses on narrow roads as you drive.


Take The Train To Cinque Terre From Florence

Generally, railway system is quite common in most European countries. Local Italians have been dependent mostly in riding trains to get to where they wanted to do. Most train stations eventually are located near popular iconic and prominent tourist spots area where local and foreign tourists are to maximize their travel time using trains.

Since Florence is a bit crowded with residents and tourists, busy traffic congests the main roads of Italy. There are a lot of people rely on the quick, convenient, faster, and reliable train ride.

You can book tickets ahead of time at but, since tickets never run out of the station in Florence and in Cinque Terre, you might as well as buy on the train station as you leave. Train to Cinque Terre I about every 30 minutes, so you do not have to wait that long. Besides, there are also near café and shops on train stations while you wait for your scheduled train ride. It will take you about 3 or 4 hours to reach Cinque Terre.

You can catch train at La Spezia where you can basically select from other options to travel to other regions in Italy. You can even buy tickets in advance there if you wish to travel with the two months upon purchase and validation of your tickets upon boarding.

Riding a train is often an additional crème of your traveling. Sitting back inside the train gives you few hours to rest and frolic at the beauty of Italian country side from Florence to Cinque Terre. You can expect to pass through about five wonderful five villages which each have unique colorful and artistically houses lined up as you pass each place. So you should get that camera ready while you rest on your chair to Cinque Terre.

From Metropolitan City Florence you can have a quick stop over for about 2 hours or more at Pisa Central Station (Piaza della Stazione) to explore and take pictures of the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. Then you can go back and purchase ticket to continue your trip to Cinque Terre. Ticket prices ranges from €12 to €25. There is small bags are allowed for hand carry or if you have multiple carriage can pay for (a bit) expensive luggage storage area.


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