How To Get To Amalfi Coast From Rome

For people visiting the city of Rome, a gorgeous area of Italy to visit that is not too far from the city is the Amalfi Coast. However, for visitors, the main road, the SS163, may be a bit challenging to drive because the roads are thin and snaking and there’s better alternatives to get to Amalfi Coast from Rome.

However, don’t worry too much, as there are many other ways to go from Rome to Amalfi Coast without driving yourself. In fact, because the views along the way are so nice, you might prefer to get a knowledgeable tour guide to drive you there.

Other options include getting a private car to drive you from the local large cities such as Naples or Rome. However, while expedient, it will cost quite a bit of money or as the Italians say “un bel centesimo”. In addition, it is also possible to take the train or a ferry to get to the coast. Below are some of the best routes to get to Amalfi Coast from Rome.


How To Go From Rome To Amalfi Coast

Taking Train To Amalfi Coast

One advantage of taking the train in Italy is that it is quite cheap compared to the rest of Europe. However, it does come at one disadvantage. If you are taking the train at rush hours, it may be difficult to find a seat as the train can get very crowded.

To get from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, you need to go through Naples first. To get to Naples by train from Rome, take the Trenitalia train at the Roma Termini train station to the Napoli Centrale train station in Naples. Normally, it is a direct train; however, if you take a slow train, it may make a few stops along the way.

From Naples, take the train to Vietri sul Mare where you can catch other local transportation to get you to the cities along the Amalfi Coast. You can get the schedule and prices online at Trenitalia. Here it is possible to buy tickets ahead of time in American dollars.


Which Train To Amalfi Coast?

The Trenitalia train does not go everywhere in Italy. In addition, the Trenitalia trains vary in speed and price. Therefore, it is important to know ahead of time which train you are getting that can best accomidate your travel plans.

The fasted but most expensive option is the Frecciargento train. This train offers both 1st and 2nd class tickets as well as a bar. If you want to save a bit of money, take the Regionale trains, which are the local train option. However, be warned they can get crowded at rush hours. In addition, they may not offer upgrade options.


Taking The Train From Naples To Coast

To get to the Amalfi Coast from Naples to places such as Ravello, Praiano, Positano, and Amalfi, you can take the regular train from Naples to Salerno. From there, you can go the rest of the way by bus. However, in summer, you can also take the ferry. However, check TravelMar for a more detailed schedule.


Getting To Amalfi Coast By Car

If you are planning on staying in a small village along the coast where it might be more difficult to get there by public transportation, consider taking a car. The drive is relatively straightforward. From Rome take the A1 Autostrada, which is a tollway, to get to Naples. From there continue on the A3.

From there you have a variety of roads you can take depending on where you want to go. For example, take the Castellammare di Stabia exit and the SP 145 to get to Sorrento. If you want to go to Positano, take the same directions as you would for Sorrento, by then get off at SS 163. However, if you are planning on going to Amalfi or any of the surrounding areas, don’t get off of the A3 into Naples, and take the Vietri Sul Mare followed by the SS 163.


Taking Ferry To Amalfi Coast

From the beginning of April to the middle of September, many ferries and other boats go between Naples and the different cities along the Amalfi coast. However, it should be noted that there are not direct ferries to Amalfi from Naples.

While the ferry does run the rest of the year, it is not as regular. You can check online for the off season schedule. For the summer, when there are the most tourists, make sure to get your tickets well ahead of time.


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