How To Get From Venice Airport To Venice – 2018/2019 Guide

The main airport to get to Venice is Marco Polo airport. It is about 5 miles outside of Venice. To get into the city from Venice airport there are many options for all price points.


How To Get From Venice Airport To Venice

Taking A Taxi From Marco Polo Airport To Venice

If traveling by land is more your style, you can also take a regular taxi to get to Venice. However, it is important to note that all motorized vehicles coming into Venice only have one stop, Piazzale Roma. The taxis are conveniently situated right outside the airport’s front door. The cost for a ride into the city is about 35 to 40€ and takes around 25 minutes.

Unlike taking a bus or boat, there is not waiting to take a taxi. However, remember that since you final stop will always be Piazzale Roma, you might have to walk or taking a connecting water bus (vaporetto) in order to get to your final destination.


Taking A Water Taxi To Venice

One of the most deluxe options to get into Venice is by a private water taxi. It is probably the quickest way to get into the city. The trip takes about 25 minutes. In addition, depending on your final destination, they can take you right to your doorstep or at least very near.

Water taxis are a great option for those bringing a lot baggage. However, the biggest negative is that water taxis are very expensive. A one way trip into the city can cost anywhere between 110-125€. However, if you still want to take one, it is very easy to do so from the airport. The desk is at the airport’s arrivals terminal and the docks are just a quick stroll from there. However, if you like planning ahead, you can book you tickets online. If you are looking to be taken right to your final destinations doorstep, this is the only possible way. Any other method requires some amount of walking or transfers to another boat.

Taking The ATVO To Venice

The ATVO is the express bus line into the city. It is a privately run company and features both nice seats on the bus as well as storage for your baggage underneath the bus. The bus doesn’t make any stops and only takes 20 minutes to get to Piazzale Roma. The bus runs regularly 3 times each hour starting around 5 am and only costs 6€.

At the final bus terminal, there are several options to continue on to your final destination including: a boat, water taxi, or walking. You can buy the bus tickets at machines near where the bus picks you up right in front of the airport’s exit doors.


Taking ACTV From Airport To Venice

Another bus option is the ACTV public bus line 5. It departs from the airport many times each hour. However, the trip is slightly longer, taking around 35 minutes. In addition, like a normal public bus, it is crowded, has several stops, and you won’t have any place to store your baggage. You can easily distinguish these buses due to their orange or green and white colors. Make sure to buy your bus tickets before getting on the bus as you must validate them when getting on the bus. You can do this at the airport’s Tabacci Shop. You can easily find the shop due to its large “T” sign. You can find the ACTV bus stop near the ATVO bus stop.


Taking The Alilaguna To Venice

The Alilaguna is a public boat line that runs between the airport and Venice. Comparatively, the price is pretty cheap at 15€ for a one way ticket and 17€ for a round trip ticket. However, the trip can take a bit of time because it stops many times along the way to its final destination St. Mark’s. Similar to a bus or metro, the boat runs on a set schedule. While it is a cheap alternative method to get into the city, it is not the fastest way. In fact, depending on your final destination, the trip can take as much as 1.5 hours. In addition, you might still have to walk quite a bit with all of your baggage to get to your destination. If you decide on this option, you can find the kiosk in the airport’s arrival hall.

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