How To Get From Milan To Cinque Terre- Travel Guide

Do you have any plans of visiting Italy anytime soon? Then you must have probably already booked your flight in one of the airports of Italy. Know that one of the international airports of Italy is actually located in Milan. With this, you can actually have the option of exploring the city and its wonders instead of going straight to wherever your destination really is.

A side trip to the Cinque Terre from Milan would prove to be worthy of all your time and effort. You will definitely adore seeing the seaside villages that are very popular for locals and tourists alike. Don’t worry about offering a few hours for this trip because every second would be worthwhile. Let us share with you the different transfer options from the Milan to Cinque Terre.


How To Get To Cinque Terre From Milan

Train To Cinque Terre From Milan

Going through the railway may be the best option for those who are traveling from Milan to Cinque Terre. You should definitely take advantage of the train network of Italy whenever you visit the country. It has one of the most efficient rail systems in the entire world. The speed of travel and the comfortable amenities will make your experience envy-worthy. But there are also less-speedy trains available in other parts of the country, but they are all relatively efficient nonetheless.

When going from Milan to Cinque Terre, you may have to ride a train at the Milan Centrale Station. The journey from Milan to Monterosso is available all throughout the day and lasts about 4 hours. The ticket fare costs around 40 USD for a normal journey and around 30 USD for the second class journey. If you think that the fare is a bit expensive, worry not because you can actually get good deals when you opt to make your reservations earlier. Just make sure that you book your tickets a few months before your actual travel to get more than 50% off the ticket prices.


Bus From Milan To Cinque Terre

Most tourists easily think that the taking the bus to Cinque Terre from Milan could be the cheapest option for traveling from Milan to Cinque Terre. Well, in terms of the money to be spent on the travel, the bus option really proves to be much more inexpensive than riding the train and driving your own rented vehicle. However, bus travel in Italy is characterized by complexities.

Despite the cheap fares, you can actually be caught in trouble when choosing to take the bus going to Cinque Terre from Milan. Most buses coming from Milan travel to farther destinations like Florence. Imagine traveling from Milan to Florence then traveling again to Cinque Terre? So better not waste your time and just take the train instead. This proves to be the wisest decision for your Cinque Terre travel.


Private Vehicle To Cinque Terre From Milan

If you are not the kind of person who loves taking the public transport, then you could opt to have your own rented private vehicle driven by yourself or by a hired contractor. What’s not so nice about bringing a private vehicle to Cinque Terre is the absence of ample parking spaces for its visitors. Even the travel time could take significantly longer than a train ride.

Despite the disadvantages of riding your own vehicle, you could still choose this option if you really want to prevent the hassle of taking the public transport system. To help you out with driving around the communities of Italy, we suggest that you visit the website called This site will actually help you plot out your routes and will even make the necessary computations for all the required toll fees. Driving from Milan to Monterosso will actually take you around 3 hours.

The highways can be a good experience for driving. However, reaching the coast of Cinque Terre will make driving a lot more difficult. The roads along the villages are narrow and winding. Patience is really needed to traverse this route.

Whenever choosing to drive along the roads of Italy, make sure that you have a reliable map with you. You can buy this from bookstores anywhere. This is to prevent any kind of hassle and wastage of time.


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