How To Get From Milan To Cinque Terre – 2018/2019 Guide

First-time visitors with Italy itineraries may not find Milan as one of the best stops but at least it is one of the best places you can hop on when you’re taking international flights. International airports in Italy welcome visitors with a heart and Milan is one of them. If finding Italy flights is the best deal for you and you found one that needs you to fly into Milan then that’s the way to go.

For those who are longing to see the relaxing seaside towns of Cinque Terre from Milan, you are just half the battle when you land in Italy. If you opt to go by rails, fortunately, you don’t have to change trains as Milan to Cinque Terre is just a few miles apart. Yes, I do recommend taking the train but to take one that would suit you best, here are some options. Below we’ll explain some different ways to get to Cinque Terre from Milan.


How To Travel To Cinque Terre From Milan

Milan To Cinque Terre By Train

One that attaches Italy’s biggest cities together is its high-speed train network. While it continues growing, there are times you need to ride a slow train. That is the case when traveling to the Cinque Terre from Milan. Trains with Milan to Monterosso (Cinque Terre’s northernmost largest city) routes only take around 3 to 4 hours departing from Milan’s Centrale station.

Some trains traveling from Milan to Cinque Terre may require at least two changes but most of them do not need a change anymore. The trip takes nearly four hours. Choosing itinerary like this will truly save more time and offer more adventure while avoiding hassles. This is what every traveler dreamed of having the most.

Normal fare from Milan to Monterosso train tickets usually cost around $30 to $45 in which around $32 in it are for a second class type. For you to save more, book tickets a few months ahead and get surprisingly 60% off the price. If you do, your second class tickets would only be $13 or less without any train change.

Save more by just entering all your travel information correctly in the box placed above, find the “Saver Fare” option and you’re in. If you are not quick enough, you can’t get one before they’re being sold out. Remember that you can rarely see cheap fares right on the time you travel; they are only available a few months before your departure, so book early!


Milan To Cinque Terre By Bus

Assuming that you have now the map and you’re looking at it. Do you see Milan live crazy-far from the town of Cinque Terre? Probably not! This is why buses can also be a great option. It is comfortable and less expensive. However, bus travel in Italy is a bit complicated.

There are different bus travel in Italy. Some of them can travel far cities such as Pisa and Florence in which you need to take trains if you want to visit Cinque Terre from there. While there are bus options, still many folks would recommend trains, especially for beginners as they almost stop everywhere and operate every day. Milan to Sestri Levante (nearest bus terminal to Cinque Terre) buses run just about once a week.


Milan To Cinque Terre By Car Driving

Since Cinque Terre only have limited parking lots, driving to get in between villages is not really advisable when traveling from Milan to Cinque Terre. Only trains can make your trips faster once you get there. However, chances are you can park your car in corresponds to the duration of your stay in the town before heading to your next journey, only if you’re just renting a car.

There are a lot of wide-ranging driving routes in Italy. Consider the site to helping you plan the things out. You can get driving directions in a more detailed way when entering more specific addresses other than simply typing the word “Milan”. As I jump off to it, it shows that it only takes 3 hours or less to travel the 226 km route going to Monterosso from Milan in which most hours are used up on highways. The toll fee is expected to reach about €15.

It is important not to off-ramp the main highway and just head for Cinque Terre coastlines and villages because the road becomes slimmer and that the car would run slower. A lot of experiences reveal surprising tips about travel time expectation. There are short distances you can see on the map but what looks shorter does not always mean as that, so don’t put your trust so much. Consider buying Italy’s driving map at travel bookstores for a more detailed roadmap. Make sure to pick a good to get the most of driving in the country when going from Milan to Cinque Terre.


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