Getting From Venice Airport To Venice – Water Taxi, Public Boat, Bus And Taxi

Has Venice always been in your dreams? If you have already made a decision to make your dreams come true and already scheduled a trip to Venice, then you have to make sure that you are well-equipped with the knowledge about how to tour the beautiful city and getting from Venice airport to Venice.

If you are going to Venice, you will most likely arrive at the Marco Polo Airport. This airport is situated around five miles from the city center from Venice airport. You can actually visit the different places in Venice from the airport using different modes of the public transport system when going from Venice airport to Venice.


Getting From Venice Airport To Venice

Taking The Private Water Taxi To Venice

If you would like to get to the city center from Venice airport with convenience, luxury, and speed of travel among your concerns, then you should definitely consider going through the water taxi. This mode of transportation allows you to experience the best of having a private boat in one of the most iconic places in the world. Traveling by a water taxi could take more than 25 minutes of your time. But what is 25 minutes if you will enjoy every second of it?

Hiring your own water taxi will allow you to bring a load of luggage in it. It could also be among the most comfortable and convenient options because it would bring you directly to your hotel or apartment entrance. A single trip using the water taxi costs around 120 Euros. In order to book your own water taxi transportation, you have to arrange things immediately at the airport. Look for the booth at the Arrivals Hall that sells tickets for the purpose. If you don’t want any hassle, you could also just book a private water taxi transportation online.

We suggest that you get this option if you want to be transferred directly to your booked hotel or apartment.


Taxi From Venice Airport

If you think that only water transportations are available in Venice, then you are getting it wrong. There are also taxis that offer comfortable transfers from the Marco Polo Airport to the city center. There are also taxis that offer comfortable transfers from the Marco Polo Airport to the city center. You can get to the taxi right from the exit of the airport. These taxis, however, only stop at the Piazzale Roma. Then you will have to walk to your apartment from the terminal stop.

The entire journey from the airport to Venice by a taxi will take you around 25 minutes and the price of the fare could be around 40 Euros.

You are certain that you will be getting to Venice by land at the most convenient way possible if you take the taxi. You will no longer need to wait for a bus to stop at the airport and also for the schedule of the public boat system.


Alilaguna Public Boat From Venice Airport

This option may not be as luxurious as the private water taxi option but it offers a new experience to tourists. The price of a single journey ticket costs barely a fraction of the water taxi ticket. Each person would only need around 15 Euros in order to be transferred from the Marco Polo Airport to the city center of Venice. You could get tickets at the Arrivals area of the airport. The downside, however, of taking this cheaper option is that it will test your patience. If the travel time of a water taxi is only around 25 minutes, taking the public boat would certainly be more than 1.5 hours since it makes stops to different locations in the city.

Further, you cannot immediately ride a public boat upon arrival at the airport since these boats operate on a predetermined schedule. Lastly, taking the public boat may not really be that convenient since you would be needing to carry your luggage as you get down the boat and walk on the streets or bridges going to your hotel. But what is a little more effort if you will enjoy looking at the sights of the fabulous Venice?


ACTV City Bus To Venice

If you are looking for a cheaper option to travel from the airport to Venice, then you could try the city bus. You may catch ACTV Bus Line 5 right at the exit of the airport. The entire journey will take you about 35 minutes depending, of course, on the condition of traffic. You can purchase the tickets for the city bus at the Tabacci stop at the airport’s arrivals area.

Please do not ever commit the mistake of riding the wrong bus. The city bus is definitely different from the express bus. To ride the city bus, you will need to look for those that are colored orange, white, and green. Remember that your tickets shall be validated inside the bus. Your journey from the airport will end at Piazzale Roma.


ATVO Express Bus From Venice Airport

If you are not into taxi rides and would rather enjoy the company of other passengers, then we suggest that you take the ATVO Express Bus. This mode of transportation is operated by a private company that provides convenient, comfortable, and reliable services to those who are going from the airport to the center of Venice. Completing the entire travel would be about 20 minutes from the terminal and each bus stops at Piazzale Roma.

The cost of the ticket is very cheap at a rate of only 6 Euros per head. You may get the tickets at the ticketing machines located at the bus stop to at the airport exit. You can catch the bus the entire day and it departs from the terminal thrice every hour. As you go down Piazzale Roma, you could head on to your hotel either by walking your way through the bridges and streets or you could also hire a private water taxi or just ride the public boat. Know more about the Express Bus on their websites:  and

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