Driving At Imola: Lamborghini Academy

Can you just imagine yourself driving a Lamborghini and people would just be simply staring at you? Don’t you know that millions of men and women across the globe would like to try driving a Lamborghini even just for a few minutes of their life at the best place at the Lamborghini Academy?

The good news is that even when you do not have the money to buy a Lamborghini, you could still definitely drive one! Simply visit the Lamborghini Academy in Imola where you can experience to drive one of their luxurious vehicles.

The Lamborghini Academy is among the best places where you can have a first try in driving a Lamborghini car. They would teach you about the important aspects of driving such a speedy vehicle so as not to experience any accident or untoward circumstances. If you happen to have the budget to buy one, then the academy proves to be a perfect place for you.

Visiting Imola Italy was actually one of the most memorable travel experiences I have had in my entire life. It was during this time that I got to see some of the best Lamborghini cars all scattered in the Imola racetrack. The most glamorous vehicle that caught my attention was the Aventador. Its exterior appearance and the sound of its engine simply left me breathless.


Racing At Lamborghini Academy In Imola

The academy offers their visitors a chance to try driving the sports car. Even when you have no intention to buy the sports car, they will still be readily opening their facilities for you to experience the rarest drive in your lifetime. What even makes the Lamborghini experience more exciting is the fact that I could drive it in the beautiful country of Italy!

Getting into the car and stepping on its pedal was like heaven reaching earth. It was an indescribable feeling where I just felt extremely happy yet also scared of starting the engine. I thought I could act like a pro but I just failed initially because of so much excitement and fear. I tried working on the steering wheels, stepping on the pedals, and anything that I could think of but there I was motionless in the middle of the racetrack. How funny because the instructor approached me and told me that I forgot to push the button so the engine would start! I didn’t know that this Aventador model was so technologically updated that it even runs on the Windows software. How did I miss that out?

The drive was definitely one for the books! I should perhaps start working really hard in order to get my own Aventador. But if you are luckier than I am and you already have the funds to buy one, then I suggest that you visit the Lamborghini Academy first. It would be a lot wiser to know much about the vehicle before even trying out on your local streets. After all, the travel to Italy would surely capture your heart.

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