Day Trip From Milan To Lake Como Guide

The experience of visiting Milan was just so dreamy that it is very difficult to forget every detail about it! I feel like desiring to go back to Lake Como right now and indulge myself in a relaxing commune with nature. It’s possible to make a day trip from Milan to Lake Como.

Lake Como can be found just 30 miles away from the northern part of Milan. What contributes to its fantastic panorama is the fact that the lake is just at the base of the famous Italian and Swiss Alps. Going to the place is like visiting heaven on earth. Although we have heard so many beautiful accounts of Lake Como, we were still caught off guard with the fabulous sight and nature encounter when doing a day trip to Lake Como from Milan.

If you plan to cross out your bucket list by visiting this wonderful part of Milan, then we suggest that you do it immediately. You can start making your own travel research now to discover the different possibilities in this place. You could actually have a particular tour arranged by a travel company or you can just make the tour on your own. If you’re going to ask which would be a better decision, well, it depends on you. What’s great with going on your own is the freedom that you can have in exploring this place that seems to come out straight from a fairy tale. Follow our guide on how to take a day trip to Lake Como from Milan.


Day Trip From Milan To Lake Como Guide

Milan To Lake Como Route

Coming from Milan to Lake Como is not at all difficult. You only need to take a train going to Como then ride a ferry to reach Bellagio. This is the usual route taken by most tourists. But on our part, we decided to take advantage of our time in Italy to see the other famous sights so we just took a train to Varenna then a ferry to Bellagio. On the way home, we simply rode another ferry which is headed to Como then took a train to Milan.

Following this route may be a good thing if you love the waters. If you feel like ferry rides are therapeutic, then they will come as amusing as theme park rides. Also, choosing to ride a train from Varenna will allow you to discover more about the natural beauty of this side of Italy. It will let you appreciate the country even more.


Varenna – Its Beauty and Charm

If you are always thinking about Milan when you go to Italy, then perhaps you should change that now. Varenna is among the lakeside communities that will offer you a lot of Italian beauty. You will hardly find this place as crowded as other cities. It is located just midway of the lake. If you are coming from Milan and would like to visit the community of Varenna, then you could simply set aside 7 Euros for a train ride at the Milan Central Station.

Once you reach Varena, we suggest that you go to Passeggiate Degli Innamorati. This path is also called the Lovers’ walk which will bring you to a very pleasant route that reveals the scenic views of the lake and the coast altogether. The path is made of cobblestones which makes every step a lot more worthy of taking. Do not ever miss visiting the Church of San Giorgio where you can take photographs of the clock tower. You could also check out some historic places in order to know more about Varenna.


Bellagio – Its Glamour

Bellagio wouldn’t have gained its popularity among global tourists if not for anything. It is also known as the Pearl of the Lake because of the neighborhood’s stunning charm. Also, Bellagio is very famous because it is regarded as the haven for the rich Italian citizens. The entire community is characterized by glamour – from the architecture to the natural wonders. Explore this part of Italy by just walking along the shore, climbing up hills, visiting ancient ruins and churches, buying local products from neighborhood shops, and tasting authentic Italian cuisines.

To go from Varenna to Bellagio, just take a 15-minute ferry ride. The cost of each ferry ticket is around 4.60 Euros. Once you decide to leave Bellagio, you could go to Como by taking another ferry ride. The cost of a ferry ticket is around 10.40 Euros depending on the kind of ferry that you will take.

There are three ferry options when traveling from Bellagio to Como. You could take the slow ferry for two hours with multiple stops along the way. You could also just ride the fast ferry or the hydrofoil which will bring you to Como in 45 minutes.

Make sure that you savor every moment that you are on the ferry. You may also be ready with your cameras in order to capture the most scenic parts of Bellagio and the lake. You will certainly appreciate the lakeside villages and the stunning mountainsides.

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