Best Time To Visit Rome Italy: When Is High, Mid And Low Season?

Rome is the epicenter of many things, historical events, culture, politics, literature, art movements, even events more modern than those of Rome’s ancient and breathtaking past. It is, after all, referred to as ‘The Eternal City.’ And oh, the splendor of visiting Rome.

But in case you were wondering how best to visit Rome and enjoy your time, take our advice on weather and ideal times to go to Rome that we’ll explain below.


Best Time To Visit Rome Italy

The Low Season

Probably because of the cold, tourists don’t really like to visit Rome during the months of November and February. If you want to wait for the weather to start warming up, wait at least till the end of March, for December through February can chill you to the bone. However, the winter months also provide excellent deals, nearly empty museums, and that kindly local Christmas spirit. This is why for those that don’t like crowds, this is the best time to go to Rome.


The Shoulder Seasons

These represent the more off-peak times of the year to make a visit to Rome, and usually fall between the months of April to June and also September and October. If you’re looking for that sweet-spot travel period, usually these shoulders seasons have the best airfare and hotel prices. As well, tour deals and museums are going to be better and cheaper. For those that have a flexible schedule, this is hands down the best time to travel to Rome Italy.


Rome’s High Season

For some of the best and brightest weather, pick the summer months (June through August) to take your trip to Rome. During this time the weather starts out quite cool and pleasant, but be aware that it can climb quite high in the hotter summer months such as July and it might be the worst time to visit Rome. Temperatures can even range as high as 880 Fahrenheit and higher! The hotter it gets, the less likely rainfall usually becomes – but pack layers, just in case.

Some of the best things to make your priority during these summer months are the wonderful outdoor sales, cafes, and little shops where you can buy gelato. When the crowds are most large is one of the best times to go and get food, eating and waiting until the daily peak has died down a little, and its easier to move around and get into places. Mostly this is just in the hotter days – June through July. If you combine heat, crowds and prices, we believe that this is the worst time to travel to Rome

As August hits, there will still be quite a large group of tourists, but this is the time of year more locals start returning as well. Hotels should have a little more spare room than they did before, and will even provide lower rates for lengthier stays. Keep an eye out for good hotel and travel deals.

Another unexpected busy season is that of Spring – this is when Lenten season starts, a period of great religious fervor and presence throughout Rome, where many Christians from all nations flock into the city for the churches and for Easter Week. At these times, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums  (Vatican City) will be especially busy – specifically during times that the Pope leads holy ceremonies.

One of the most expensive times to stay in the city is throughout Easter Week and weekend. This is because Christmas, even though its still religious, is a rather cold time of the year. Christmas in Rome can be much less crowded than Easter time. Thus the reasoning for when not to visit Rome.

Keep in mind that the chill of winter has settled over the city (Lowest temperatures in the 30’s, and highest in the 60’s). Yet also, never forget that the festive holiday cheer has a way of warming the very air – who doesn’t love Christmas trees and Christmas markets? Not too mention caroling and performances in Piazza Navona. These months are also quite expensive, clear till New Years Day.



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