1 Day Perugia Itinerary: What To See And What To Do In Perugia In 24 Hours

If you are planning to have an Italian escapade for your vacation, then you certainly must include Perugia in your itinerary. We know how busy you could get from visiting different regions and towns in the country, but we promise that one day in Perugia will be worthy of your time. Let us help you become familiarized with the city’s wonders and explore Perugia in 24 hours and see all the best things to do in Perugia.


One Day Itinerary Of Perugian: All The Best Things To Do And See In Perugian In 24 Hours


Visit Museums And Other Nearby Sites

From drinking your coffee, start your Mini Metro train ride experience. Simply go with the crowd as they make an exit to the arch going to Via Oberdan. This will bring you to Piazza Matteotti. From this place, you will have a number of sites to visit such as art museums. If you would like to witness some of the magnificent paintings and artistic creations of Italy’s genius minds, then you will have to visit the National Gallery.

You could also go to San Francesco for a different kind of escapade if you are not that into art hunting. There is a church where you could spend the early morning just staring at the beauty of this Italian city’s environment. The well-manicured lawns of this church are a perfect spot for an early conversation with your family. You can reach the church of San Francesco by passing through the side of the town hall and going under through Via dei Priori.


Get A Heavenly Taste Of Chocolate Gelato

Going to Italy means that you should have tried the country’s specialty gelato. One of the most popular gelato stores in the country is Augusta Perugia. You can reach this shop by walking from the University through Via Pinturicchio. Don’t worry about all the walking that is needed because you will surely feel extremely delighted once you taste the chocolate-flavored gelato that is produced by this local store. Apart from the gelato, you may also consider buying native goods and packed chocolates from this same store.


Begin The Morning With A Cup Of Cappuccino

As you began your day of city exploration, you shall head directly to the light rail system of Perugia which is called Mini Metro. Before taking on your train ride, why don’t you get up through the elevator first and have your morning cup of coffee? It would be a great way to start your exciting day.


Witness The Old City Of Roca Paolina

If you have walked through the arches, you have also surely noticed the presence of an escalator. Quite mysterious, right? Well, the presence of the escalator is due to the surprise leading to the end of it. Once you ride the escalator, it will bring you to an old city that was buried underneath. This relic serves to be a symbolic reminder of the time when a pope in the past forced the community to build a fortress that served as a protection of the papacy from rebels.


Get A Taste Of Heavenly Italian Cuisine

If you feel like going to the museums and hanging outside of San Francesco Cathedral makes your tummy grumble, then you have to silence the noisy tummy and fill it with heavenly tastes from the famous Italian restaurants in Perugia. Well, we don’t really suggest that you take your lunch inside the restaurants. We think that a better experience for tourists would be having their lunch on the Steps. You should just buy a panino, a pizza, or a kebab from the nearby stalls. To get the best panino, you could head on to la Botteqa di Perugia which is located in Piazza Morlacchi.

You could get a truly delicious panino at an inexpensive rate from this store. To find the perfect pizza for your lunch on the Steps, we suggest that you get it from Pizza Mediterranea. You can reach the store by just going to the parking lot near the church. Finally, to grab a satisfying kebab, you will have to buy it from Ulisse Rocchi.


Journey Up The University Of Foreigners

As you end the tour of the Aqueduct, you could walk towards Piazza Fortebraccio. You need to find a big building that is painted pink. It is where the University of Foreigners is located. Just go climb up the building in order to open your eyes to an amazing view of Perugia. The panoramic scene that will be revealed unto your eyes will surely prove that the climb is worth your effort.


Have A Sumptuous Dinner At dal Mi’Cocco

You can reach this restaurant by going to Corso Garibaldi from the University for Foreigners and the Etruscan Arch. We could say that this is the best restaurant that offers traditional culinary delights that will forever remain in your treasure chest of gastronomical experiences. Your stomach and taste buds will surely be filled with delightful senses as you get a taste of their sumptuous meals. You can enjoy a complete dinner with wine for only 15 Euros. Among the dishes served in this restaurant are pasta, gnocci, salad, and steak, among others. You could even request your meals to be transformed into all-veggies when you simply utter the words “sonovegetariano”.


Be Amazed At The Baroque Architecture Of An Old Church

After getting a heavenly taste of the local gelato, you must then impress yourself with the baroque style of architecture that may be found at the Cathedral and the Town Hall of Perugia. You can find both of these structures at Piazza IV Novembre. Please do not be intimidated by the old design and edifice of the cathedral. You have to go inside in order to appreciate the beauty of the place. If you happen to appreciate art and history, then you will surely love this place. The Cathedral has intelligently-crafted pieces such as the stained glass windows by Moretti-Caselli. You will also find religious artifacts in the site such as the Holy Ring which is said to be a relic of the Holy Virgin’s wedding ring. After exploring the interiors of the Cathedral, you could head on to the Town Hall. This is where you can find the historic meeting place of the Italian nobles. Make sure that you get a glimpse of the vaults stored inside. From there, have some relaxation and taste Italian coffee and pastries at the Piazza.


Visit The Aqueduct

The Italians make a lot of walking. Who would not love to walk if you are surrounded by beautiful sceneries and warm people? You will definitely enjoy a leisurely walk at Viadell’ Acquedotto as you take a look at the historic architecture. Remember neither to run nor rush when visiting the Aqueduct. You have to treasure every second that you are here. Observe your surroundings. Take interest in how the locals conduct their everyday lives. You can reach the aqueduct by going right from the cathedral’s fountain.


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