Tel Aviv Insider Guide In Israel For 2018/2019

Tel Aviv is definitely not among the most popular destinations for those who would like to explore the world for some fun and adventure. But after discovering some interesting answers to the most common questions I had before regarding a Tel Aviv travel, I think I am more than convinced that it is really a place to be reckoned with. Traveling to Tel Aviv is something people should look into, with it’s wonderful beaches, nightlife and history; a trip to Tel Aviv may be in your future.


Tel Aviv’s Brief Description

Tel Aviv is culturally diverse and historically wealthy with a beautiful geography that is characterized by bustling development in a laid-back atmosphere of the magnificent country of Israel.


What To Pack For Tel Aviv

Clothes and other essentials need not be enumerated in packing reminders because they are already automatically done by all travelers when planning a trip to Tel Aviv. But let me tell you one thing that tourists often take for granted: sunscreens! Sunblock lotion and creams are highly important to keep your skin protected from the intense sunlight in the Tel Aviv tourist destinations.


Tel Aviv’s Safety

The most common dilemma of prospective tourists in the Middle East is their safety when traveling to Tel Aviv. There are a lot of issues surrounding the governments of Middle Eastern countries that’s why a lot of foreigners question their safety and security when thinking about visiting the region.

But from what I have discovered, it is definitely safe to travel Tel Aviv. Their government actually has friendly policies to tourists. Maybe, the media unreasonably sensationalize certain issues which then negatively affect the public perception of Tel Aviv’s general safety.


The Best Time To Travel Tel Aviv

I discovered that the best time to visit this city in Israel is during the series of holidays that include the Holocaust Memorial Day, the Israeli Independence Day, and also the Day of Remembrance for Fallen Soldiers. These celebrations happen for eight days in the month of April. This would be the best time if you want to understand more about the sociology of Tel Aviv and appreciate their own traditions. Also, visiting during these days would let you savor fun memories since every city in Israel provides their own free concerts and other festive gatherings.

If you are not that keen on visiting in April, you may consider going anytime from March to June or from September to December. According to sources, these months are the best because they are neither too hot nor too cold. The winter months aren’t really advisable because everything seems to be at a stop during these times. The summer, however, presents different opportunities for adventure. But, you must only visit during summer if you can stand an extremely hot climate.


Reasons To Visit Tel Aviv

There are millions of visitors who go to Jerusalem every year and tons of reasons to visit Tel Aviv. If you are among these tourists, maybe you could also consider going to Tel Aviv. It is a unique city that reflects the development of Israel. Just like Jerusalem, it also has a wealth of culture and history. But this place offers a more modern feel. In a sense, it gives a resemblance to Western lifestyle that is combined with a rich Middle Eastern tradition. It is also a perfect place for those who are after some beach explorations. Know that Tel Aviv is just beside the Mediterranean Sea.


Other Things To Know About Tel Aviv

Perhaps, you only think about religious activities and pilgrimages when you hear the word Tel Aviv or even Israel. No matter how deeply rooted is the religious foundation of this place, they have still not failed to respect equal rights for all genders. We could say that Tel Aviv has progressive policies that honor the rights and privileges of the LGBT community. As a matter of fact, they even hold Gay Pride every June 12. They also regularly hold an international film festival for the LGBT sector at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.


Best Things To Do In Tel Aviv

  • Strolling at Namal Tel Aviv – If you are happy with the sight of the beach, then it would be wonderful to have a stroll at the Tel Aviv Port. Although it is not perfect for swimming, this place is still amazing for some walking and chatting with the special people in your life. The sunsets are beautiful to watch through the port. You may also have a taste of Tel Aviv’s nightlife in this area and enjoy shopping at some of the kiosks.
  • Shopping at Dizengoff Centre – A lot of people are having fun every single time that they get to shop and find the best deals. The shopping center and Friday Food Market at Tel Aviv offer a diverse selection of goods at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a cool interaction with locals and other tourists, the market is the best go-to place. You could also find globally known brands, local artisans, and independent entrepreneurs offering unique products and your much-needed services. The Friday Food Market is usually very busy. The crowd simply loves the home cooked meals, pastry goods, and other native cuisines offered by Israelis. Among the most delicious finds are sweet potatoes, beetroot latkes, and hummus.
  • Hang Out at Sarona Complex – This is a newly established shopping compound that is home to some of the local and international brands, coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. You will certainly love to hang out in this compound because of the greeneries surrounding the entire complex. If you are traveling with kids, the Sarona Complex is also a fun place to go to. They have interactive play zones for children.


Things To Do Outside Of Tel Aviv

Do you know that there are other interesting cities outside of Tel Aviv? Jaffa is among those cities that will allow you to get a deeper understanding of Israel’s diversity in religion and culture. This conjoined city of Tel Aviv has places of worship for those who belong to the Christian, Muslim, and Judaic religions.

Ramat-Gan is another nearby city that offers wonderful opportunities for hanging out with friends. The best place to visit in this city is the Bialik Street. In this road, you will be able to find green-infused parks, glamorous restaurants, cozy cafes, and interesting shops. To get to Ramat-Gan, you may find the Dan Bus Line for your local transfer to Bialik Street.


Best Dining Options In Tel Aviv

  • Max Brenner – If you are a lover of sweets and chocolates, Max Brenner is the restaurant for you! It offers a wide variety of chocolate dishes with some innovations and twists to common culinary creations just like a chocolate pizza. Max Brenner is actually a restaurant that is not exclusive to Israel because of its many international branches. But know that it is somehow a pride of the country because it started its operations in Israel.
  • TzometSfarim – This restaurant is surprisingly a bookstore in its origin. Well, only one branch of Books Junction has a restaurant in one of its buildings. This café in the Tel Aviv Port serves healthy dishes and refreshments such as salads and teas. The best thing about visiting this café is that you get an opportunity to read an interesting manuscript or magazine from the bookstore while having your lunch or dinner. If you are a bit anxious about the availability of books in other languages, then your worry shall be removed because they also have a vast selection of English books.
  • HaSinitHaAduma – If you ever heard that Chinese is everywhere, this restaurant may just prove that statement. Indeed, we can find delicious yet affordable Chinese food in almost every part of the globe including Israel. Among the best finds in this Chinese restaurant is the sweet corn soup to comfort your souls.


If you are looking for local restaurants that serve native Israeli dishes just like falafel and hummus, you may check out TripAdvisor which is a very helpful mobile app for restaurant reviews.


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