Dead Sea Israel: How To Float In The Dead Sea

Finally, you decided to explore Israel. The country were both have significant value and story line in biblical accounts and Jewish’s Essenes of Qumran. It all points to the mystical body of water in Israel, the Dead Sea.

Mystical because it has been said that you cannot possible drown in the Dead Sea, yet it is considered as Israel’s second most dangerous place to swim. So what makes the Dead Sea so special? The Dead Sea has a lot of story to tell, mythical in many ways that allows the heaviest person to float freely, a place for scientific studies because of the existence of multiple minerals, and a breath of life that gives peculiarly newly discovered species.

The name of the sea might scare you because it sounded mortifying, probably thinking someone might have died there, or perhaps it is a lifeless and boring place. Contrary to its name, none of these are true.

You should never leave Israel without trying to swim the waters of the saltiest water on earth. The body of water makes anyone float even those who do not know how to swim stay on top of the surface. Yes, anyone can float.


Things You Should Know About The Dead Sea:

Reason For Floating

Dead Sea has the highest salinity content of almost 40%, making it the world’s saltiest body of water. The high salt content makes the sea water dense that it fills the gap between the liquid form of the water lesser than regular water, making any object or person float freely.


Dead Sea Has Health Benefits

Because of the number of natural minerals content of the salt lake, it has become a major center or health and medical treatment research. The place perfectly sits on the lowest radiation emitted by the sun, and has atmospheric pressure that is perfect for scientific research and development.

This is evident because based on biblical history, during King David’s time – it has become a traditional natural spa and health refuge of Herod the Great. It makes sense.


Dead Sea Water Really Hurts The Eyes

Because of the heavy salt content, even a little splash of water that gets onto the eyes badly. So make sure to swim carefully and if you need to wear protective eye wear like goggles, you should do so.


Dead Sea Is A Lake

Yes, you read it right. Dead Sea is a lake. The lake has the highest sodium chloride content that has about 9 times salinity compared to regular sea water. People started to call it Dead Sea because it seems like ocean water because of its sea like salty taste.


Two World Record Holder Title

First, the Dead Sea is considered as the saltiest water body in the world. And the next one is, the surrounding land the Dead is the lowest elevation land on Earth.


How To Get To Dead Sea?

Dead Sea From Queen Alia International Airport In Amman

It takes about 3 hour to drive Petra and another 2 hours to Dead Sea. You can hire taxi, or wait for scheduled bus trip.


From Tel Aviv To Dead Sea

You can ride the only bus trip to Masada and then Dead Sea. Or you can pass through Jerusalem then another 3 hours to Dead Sea. Another option is From Tel Aviv then via Be’er Sheva and Arad, and then Dead Sea.

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