5 Best Things You Must Know Before Visiting Israel

For religious people, both Catholic and Islam, Israel have both have relevant significance. For those non-religious ones, but those who really love exploring the world, Israel is quite an amazing and stunning place to visit.

Israel has a rich and vibrant history. Well, not to mention the controversial conflict and peace that took place from the previous years of the land up to present. That truly makes the country amusingly different from all other travel adventures.


5 Best Things You Must Know Before Visiting Israel

Israel Is A Tourist Friendly Country

The common mistakes of most people about middle east countries is that they are always associating the area as unsafe for foreigners and sadly, there are few who falsely believe that culture is still primitive and there is no equality. Well, if you are one of those persons who believe that, you probably lived under the rock for so long.

Believe it or not, Israel is able to welcome almost 4 million of tourists every year! Yes, that is how popular the country is, and so far most of the tourists have all good things and appreciation once they were able to travel to Israel.

Although the country has still some few conservative rules being implemented, travelers from other countries can abide easily on those. It is still the same as going to other countries making sure you know the local rules and respecting them. You will never have to worry being tortured or penalized as long as you never break one.


Israel Is Not Dangerous To Visit

It is safe to travel to Israel. Past breaking news about bombing, suicide attack and other terrorists’ activities have made local authorities vigilant and keeps the country safer. Security is heightened and strictly implemented in the country. Generally, Israel is a safe place.

You can travel safely in Israel even with your kids, or a woman traveling solo.

Make sure you need to stay away from restricted areas, and make sure to strictly observe to all public security notices for your own safety. Traveling to Israel is safe and you will be unharmed as long as you abide warnings, laws, and ordinances.


Many Tourists Visit For Christian Pilgrimage

More than 75% of from almost 9 million local populations in Israel are composed of Jewish, followed by almost 21% are Muslim, and the remaining population is distributed to minority religions such as Christian and Druze.

Although majority is of Jewish population, Israel is flooded with Christian pilgrimage tourists. Basically, foremost of biblical references points to and happen in greater and flung places in Israel territory.

Going to Israel is not just a vacation for religious pilgrimage, which is often promoted by the country’s tourism industry. There are so many things to see in the Middle Eastern country.


Local Delicacies And Food Specialties Delightfully Tasty

Dishes and food recipes are handed down for thousands of years ago. Specially prepared foods for the kings and nobles in the past can still be tasted until now. You can also taste tasty and aromatic dishes of local Jewish people.

A mixed of Arab and Jewish decent are able to show off the perfect mixture of spiciness, sweet and sour, and pungent food is a must try to eat.


Israel Holds Different World Records

You can find in Israel the lowest point on earth near Jordan, the area of Dead Sea. Dead Sea also holds the world record of the deepest and saltiest hypersaline lake.


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