Sing Street Movie: Best Film Locations In Dublin

Are you a fan of the Sing Street movie? That was actually one of the crowd’s favorites in the Irish movie industry. The Sing Street film location was set in Dublin during the 80s and was created by the highly respected John Carney who also made other wonderful movies such as “Once” that was released in the early 2000s.

The Sing Street film’s plot revolved around the story of a male teenager named Conor who had experienced the sufferings of a broken family. This boy had a fascination for music and used his talents to create a band with newfound friends. Along the storyline, Conor would develop his music and constantly transform his genre. Together with the development of his own music is also the progress of his emotional attachment to his schoolmate, Raphina.

The film basically characterizes the usual Irish movies. You will love how the modern culture and inherent values of the Irish people are shown in the film. If ever you find yourself visiting the fabulous and heartwarming place of Dublin, you could try to check out some of the places where the Sing Street film locations in Dublin Ireland.


Sing Street Film Locations In Dublin

Coliemore Harbour

If you have seen the movie, you will surely love to take some photographs of yourself and your loved ones in this scenic location. Some parts of the movie’s ending scenes had been shot on the Dalkey Island which can be found a few kilometers outside of the city center of Dublin Sing Street film places.

Coming to the Coliemore Harbour can be a chance to have a romantic getaway. Why don’t you reenact some of the scenes in the movie or try out some dialogues while feeling the cool breeze of the harbour? Surely, the place won’t fail you.


Synge Street

The same street name was used in the movie which proved to be a perfect movie setting for the film’s story. It was on this street where the Christian Brothers School was located and was also the exact academic structure where the film’s creator spent his childhood as one of the Sing Street film shots


Catherine’s Park

St. Catherine’s park could have been chosen by the film’s creative minds because of the architectural design’s appropriateness to the setting. You must know that the film was supposed to highlight the 80s era. Thus, there must be some semblance to the Irish past.

It was at this particular park that is situated on the Hanbury Lane where Conor and Raphina had a very meaningful discussion about life. It was also the setting for the music video entitled Rhythm of the Model.


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