Dublin Layover Guide

If you are stuck in Dublin Airport for a layover, don’t worry, as the airport is only 6.2 mi from the city making it easy to visit during a layover. If you want to know if there is time to go to the city during the wait.

The airport has a lot of things to do such as bars and restaurants, medical, shops, banking, postage kiosks, a business lounge, baby changing facilities, Internet access, and religious areas. Here’s more information. If you get into the airport in the evening or just need to rest for a bit, several hotels are near by.

If you want to put your bags down so that it is easier to explore, go to the Left Luggage facility. The city is reachable by taxis and buses. Currently there is a railway system, “Metro North” in development which will join Dublin to Swords. You can also get Car rentals.


Stuff To Do During Layover In Dublin:

City Tours

There are all sort of tours of Dublin, no matter what is your interest.



You can’t go to Dublin without visiting Guinness! Click here for more about the place’s 250 years of history. Also, make sure to get a complimentary drink Gravity bar, Ireland’s highest. It is over the rook had has great views.


Temple Bar

In the 1700s, the area used to have a lot of brothels. Now, it is the center of downtown Dublin and has a lot of popular bars, shops, and restaurants. The cobbled, narrow streets are a young and fun part of town. It’s also a popular area to visit some nightclubs.



The Dublin Castle is the city’s oldest piece of architecture is has been around for more than 700 years. Also don’t forget to visit teh record tower where the presidents were inaugurated and the site of excavation where the fortress used to be.


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