Where To Stay In Bali 2018/2019: Ultimate Bali Guide

Honestly, one of the most important decisions in any trip is picking where to stay in Bali. This includes the area you’re going to be in, the cost that could make or break your spending limit, and the local fancies you want to take in quickly.

For a detailed list where to stay in Bali 2018, see here for the good and bad of Bali. Know however, that there is very little not to love! The ‘Island of the Gods’ alone is a destination which will entrance you and keep you busy for many days and nights. Not only does this location offer excellent luxury resorts, but there is also an abundance of party spots, natural settings, and other adventures to be had.


East Coast

One of the most interesting features of Bali’s eastern coasts are their black sands and thicker boating atmosphere. Here you can sail off from Padang Bai toward the nearby lush experience of the Gili Islands.


Sanur – Most Family Friendly

Getting away from the noise, clubs, bars, and general ‘party scene’ of Bali can prove difficult, but Sanur offers a great escape to quiet beaches and calmer night-life scenes. The bars, locals, and accommodations here are many, friendly, and just want to help you have a good relaxing vacation. It offers yoga, ferries, and all sorts of cultural activities. Best part, these is one of the least expensive areas to both stay and eat!


Amed – Relaxation or Scuba Diving!

If you’re wanting to know where to stay in Bali for a calm ‘lay-about’ atmosphere, Amed is the place for you. Black sands, shack bars, hammocks, and little dusty roads – this is a short skip from the party scene, and yet remains oh so ‘chill’. However, if you really want to find the fun in this area, use the No Fear Diving company: They take you on a 30 minute drive along the coast from Amed to a dive called Tulamben – here deep in the waters depths, you can explore the Japanese Wreck of the HMS Liberty.

Main South

This expanse of Bali represents a length of beach from the south coast near the airport and up to Tanah Lot. This is one of the busiest and most popular areas to stay.


Benoa – Water Sports Central

If you’re in this stretch of sandy beach land, these spots are perfect for sunbathing, family fun, and great booths, shops, and teachers for different water-sports. Staying here is quite cheap compared to other areas of Bali, and its known for its cleanliness and relaxing atmosphere.


BTDC – Privacy and Resort Life

This area is actually a gated and very private part of Bali; some of the nicest houses and hotels are here, as well as luxury resorts. It can be a nice area to take your family or find privacy on a honeymoon. The prices are steep, but you’ll receive an excellent experience in return.


Canggu – Known for its surf and it’s ‘chill’

Next in line in Canggu, and here you’ll discover that deeper soulful suffer vibe, with cool coffee and tea shops as well as hip clubs and bars. It’s currently one of the popular spots for internet and start-up work in co-working spaces.

It’s a lot more laid back and easy going in this part of Bali, and one of the excellent locations here is Echo Beach known for its surf. Another cool item to check out is Tanah Lot, which is one of the most famous temples in the area.


Central Hotspots

Welcome the wonders of inland Bali! You aren’t that far from the beaches, but no longer can you walk right out to the water and dip your toe. The mainland areas are known for being less ritzy and more hip – including lots of yoga gyms, cafes, markets, and restaurants. This is a phenomenal way to take a break from the ocean.


Jimbaran – Sunsets and Seafood

Offering some of the best sunsets available, Jimbaran has a view back over the airport, and sports one of the coolest bay beaches which catches those final sunset rays and awes all onlookers. One of the more old-fashioned clubs can be found here: Sundara beach club. The area also has a great list of restaurants and first-rate hotels and resorts.


Kuta – A well-known location for Partying

Kuta is best known for its party central vibe and pretty busy air. Sometimes it gets a bad name for this, and there may be those who want to avoid it. However, it is a location very close to the airport, and it has some of the best bars, nightclubs, hotels, and shops. These include the popular locations of Kuta Beach Sunsets, Nightlife Club, and Discovery Shopping Mall.


Nusa Dua – Village Life

This is actually the bigger surroundings of the BTDC, with the private community located within it. It’s an area that holds on of the highest luxury resorts in the world, ‘Mulia’. This resort is right next to the village of Sawangan, and as it’s a smaller poorer village, the two of them provide quite the contrast to each other.

There is also really good surf around Geger Beach, and also some stunning secret beaches nearby which frequently prove empty.


Seminyak – Well-known for stylish night clubs and beach comfort.

Further then along from Kuta, you will run into the beautiful beaches of Seminyak – serving up excellent clubs, restaurants, and other night life venues. Some of these premium locations are Potato Head and Ku De Tah. This area is full of ritzy villas and hotels and is great for those looking where to stay in Bali 2018.


The Bukit

Bukit is a growth right off the main island below the airport. It’s stocked with private beaches, hidden local villages, and high end luxury resorts.


Ubud – Yoga and All the Culture

Truly a cultural capital to contest with many others, Ubud is famous for its experience and culture per capita person, building, event, and pretty much anything else you could think to name. These streets are home to the famous Yoga Barn, as well as delicious and educational Balinese cooking classes. On top of that the nearby forest, nicknamed the ‘monkey forest’, is a lush animal paradise. Here in the woods you’ll find historic temples, people selling intricate wood carvings, and traditional dancing. As well, make sure to check out Ubud’s fine selection of vegan restaurants in Ubud.


Uluwatu – Beach Clubs & Temples

Farther to the Bali south, and Bukit, is Uluwatu. Ready to see monkeys? There are lots of monkeys in Uluwatu, cute little guys, and you’re sure to see them clambering over the different hotels, surf bars, and villas. This is one area also known for its exotic drinks and fine dinner/lunch menus.


South-West Coast – Peace and Quiet

If ever you were going to rent a car during part of your trip, this is the perfect time to do so – the drive which spans beaches from Tanah Lot up to Gillimanuk provides phenomenal views and stunning scenery. It is a slow drive! But well worth the length.

Welcome to the emptiest stretches of paradise you will find! If you brought a bike on this trip, now is the time to break it out and go cycling to your hearts content.


Navigating Bali

Fortunately traveling this area can be quite costless. Metered fares at great prices are offered by the Blue Bird taxi group, and you’ll also be able to pop out your phone most any place and order an Uber driver to take you around. As well, there are options of renting boats and sailing around the different beaches, or recently even a bike taxi service has cropped up called GoJek.


Bali, is it really worth your time?

Of course like any travel destination, these beaches have their pros and cons! However, in my honest opinion you could not spend a relaxing time better. If your ideal vacation is to get wet, hear the ocean, enjoy water sports, and just bum around beaches and bars and restaurants – this is one of the best travel destinations in the world! It’s even great for honeymoons, cause after all, what’s more romantic than the warm ocean and amazing sunsets?

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