Bali Travel Guide – Mini 2018/2019 Edition

Bali in Indonesia is famous for beach lovers. The island is filled with different trees mostly palms, rice fields, and magnificent reef coast. The island itself is from thousands of years of volcanic formation.

The island’s main economic industry relies on 80% on tourism. There are locals who also earn through agriculture. Because of the Hindi background of the region, most tourists go to Bali for both vacation and reflection. Standard of living of most locals is laid back despite of the development due to massive tourist visitors.

Aside from the wonderful natural tropical beauty of Bali, there are also temples, and exquisitely structured hotels and resorts along the beach shore. Bali has a lot of long white shores that tourists often enjoy long quite walks.

Bali Island, both offers quiet laid back relaxing getaway and fun exciting lively party events. It is like having tow opposite world in one place. If you are opt to more challenge you can sample exotic local dishes, or taste delicious treats from different specialty restaurants.


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Traveling to Bali is quite convenient because most locals, hotel staffs, and drivers can speak English. There are a lot of various transportation options you can use in Bali; scooters, taxis, and buses when traveling to farther places.

It is really easy to find accommodation in Bali. There are a lot of hotels, cottages, home stay and, hostels, apartments around the island ranging from cheaper ones (backpack friendly-price) to expensive high-end hotels.


Flying To Bali

Bali has been an open island to millions of tourists around the world every year. Travelers from Europe, Australia, North America and Asian Countries can easily fly to Bali.

Most flights from other countries fly directly Denpasar International Airport in Bali, Indonesia. Although there are like United Kingdom has no direct flight to Bali, tourists can fly to nearest Asian Country Airport like Singapore or Kula Lumpur then connects flight to Bali.

As often as rule not only to Bali (but also with other countries), make sure not to allow yourself over pay your taxi fee at the airport in Bali. Make sure to read posts and bulletin of taxi fare rate going to your booked hotel.


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10 Things To Do In Bali

Dive The Stunning Diving Coral Sites

There are a lot of diving shops along the Bali shores. You can check out from different diving sites in Bali. If you have not tried diving before you can try it in Bali. A diving guide will accompany you to check out different colorful coral and animated fishes. For professional licensed divers, there is also a wide selection of diving sites you can enjoy exploring underwater. There is also a shipwreck diving site from World War II underwater you may like to check out.


Watch Gigantic Giant Elephants

Bali, Indonesia has wonderful gigantic creatures. Meeting gentle giant elephants in person is such a sight! Just check out exciting elephant park centers that are surely taking care of the animals well. As much as possible, riding elephants are discouraged. You can appreciate these animals up close without having to ride them. It is also best to make sure elephant a park that does not violate any animal rights. You can visit Elephant Safari Park, and elephant reserve Mason Adventures.


Meditate In A Bali Yoga Retreat Session

With a number of Indonesian practicing Hindu in Bali, Yoga retreat is quite common Treat yourself with a relaxing Yoga class session, relieving stress and negativity. Meditation often releases positive vibe and renews your energy the natural way.

There are quite also a number of spa shops along side of the beaches in Bali. You can treat yourself with a relaxing massage or any beauty spa treatment. This is something relaxing and refreshing way to end your Bali vacation before flying back home.


Sunbathe At The Beach Coastline

Bali has one of the most gorgeous beaches around the world. The white sand across the shoreline of the island makes a seamless spot for getting that perfect summery tan. You can relax under the sun while reading a book or taking a long rest beside the shore. Or you can play different activities on the beach like banana boating, paragliding, beach volleyballs, and a lot more. Who achieving a nice shiny tan can be boring? Not in Bali!


Catch The Indonesian Dance Performances At Ubud Palace

You To know more about the culture and artistry of Indonesia, you should not miss the dance presentation and other cultural show performances by various gifted artists in Ubud Palace. The show is often scheduled at night. So after your troll around the palace you can wait until the show starts in the evening.


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Climb The Mount Agung

Bali is formed through volcanic molten formed lava. There is a trail hike going up the highest peak in Bali. A hike going up to Mount Agung (or locally known as Gunung Agung), which is the highest peak in the island at 3,142 meters.

The trek going up the peak from the Pasar Agung is only about 4 to 5 hours. But it is a little bit farther if you start climbing from Besakih Temple, it will take about 7 to 8 hours.


Visit The Tanah Lot Temple

With an eccentric Indonesian Hindi architecture, you can walk quietly around the temple of Tanah Lot Temple. It is a seaside rock formation carved into a temple where Hinduism believers meditate in prayer and petition. The site has been one of the iconic landmark structures in Bali as part of Hinduism pilgrimage.


Surf Up On The Wavy Seaside

There are a lot of diving shops along the Bali shores. You can surf on Kuta, Canggu, Padang or Uluwatu beach where the waves are bigger and you can practice those surfing skills you got. For starters skim boarding will also be great in small waves near in front of beach area.

If you were not able to bring your own surf board, there are surf boards for sale on beach shops. Or you may rent surf, paddle boards and skim boards for reasonable prices.


Try Various Outdoor Activities In Bali

There are quite a lot of adventure activities you can try in Bali. Wild river rafting, boating, ATV ride, underwater sea walker experience, banana boat rides, parasailing and a lot more!


Stroll Around Ubud Monkey Reserve

Wild monkeys are often the silliest and do the most outrageous things. You can possible observe those funny and childlike traits at the Ubud Monkey Reserve. Although, the monkeys at the park are wild they are quite used to people walking around and observing them. You might be able to catch a video of funny moments which you can upload on your Instagram!



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