What Women Should Pack For India

A lot of women keep on bugging me about different travel ideas and tips when going to India. They are eager to know what would should pack for traveling to India should include in their luggage during a trip to this beautiful country.

Among the other concerns of woman travelers in India include the safety of traveling alone as a woman, the ways to prevent Delhi Belly and booking reasonably priced hotels. Despite the myriad of other questions, many would still ask me about what to pack in their bags for a successful Indian tour.

Whenever I give them answers to questions, I first explain the nature of the query of the season of travel to help with answering what women should pack for India. Since India has a hot temperature and a very humid weather, I always tell them to prepare breathable clothing items. But because India also has a conservative tradition, women have to be very careful not to offend the culture by wearing something bold and exposing of skin.

Some would suggest to wearing khaki traveler pants that have a couple of pockets for convenient travel. But I just can’t seem to see myself looking good with it. Great that there are still other clothing options for those who would like to travel with ease and mobility without breaking our own fashion sense. I hope that the following tips would help you pack efficiently and strategically for your visit to India. It’ll also help you know what women should pack for India trip.


What To Women Should Pack For India

Long Dress

Long black dresses are a good must-have for anyone planning to go anywhere. It is so casual yet also classic that you could use it as you visit temples, go on a romantic dinner, or even as you just stroll around the place.

Always choose the dress that is made of a cotton material to make sure that you will not feel very hot as you wear it. Also, make sure that the length is just above the ankle to prevent anyone from being offended. A maxi dress can look good on any woman. There is no need to flaunt the flesh but it would create a wonderful sexy silhouette.


A Tiny Cross-Body

India is one of the most populous countries in the world. Because of this, there are also some people who would try to steal from tourists. Wearing a cross-body bag that has a tiny size will keep pick-pockets from being successful at grabbing your things.


Slippers And Sneakers

I would not really suggest that you bring high heeled sandals to India. It would be so hard to tour the place when you are uncomfortable. A pair of Havaianas slippers would perfectly fit the baggy trousers of Indian culture. These are very comfortable to use for walking.

For the sneakers, Converse could be a versatile piece that could fit any attire. You could use it for evening dinners. It is also comfortable for driving a rented vehicle or for strolling the different travel destinations. Don’t worry that flip flops would look cheap. There are designs from Havaianas that can make your slippers look like sandals and are great for when someone asks what would should pack for traveling to India.


Plain Shirts

Plain t-shirts are perfect for those who want to feel comfortable while touring India in its extremely hot weather. Personally, I brought four pieces of dark colored shirts and 2 pieces of plain white ones.

I usually just buy these plain shirts from Topshop and H&M because they come at really low rates. I would not dare bring with me expensive clothing because I would not like to have them ruined by careless laundry staff at hotels.

So why choose plain black and white shirts? That’s simply because you want to pair them with printed trousers without looking exaggerated or even cheap. They are classic pieces that could go with almost anything. Imagine wearing a trendy clothing material on your photo memories 10 years from now. How would you look at yourself? Classic black and white shirts are timeless pieces.

Another wonderful advantage of having just plain black and white is that you could repeat these clothes even if you stay longer in India. It would be barely noticeable in photos that you just keep on repeating the same clothes over and over again.


Loose Shirts, Muslins, Or Scarves For Cover-Up.

Although India is generally a humid country, what would should pack for traveling to India is different for the evenings that can still make you feel cold. You will need to have something to cover you up against the breeze. A good choice would be kimono tops, muslins, scarves, and even just a loose t-shirt. Bring around two pieces of the cover-up.


Loose Pants

How would you determine the best kind of pants for your Indian travel? Consider their streets. Do you know that the Indian streets are usually dirty and dusty? If you buy a pair of light-colored pants, then you could be at risk of looking dirty early in the morning. I suggest that you go for dark colored trousers. There are also a lot of stores selling baggy pants that are made of thin materials that will keep you cool. Go for those with bright prints to make you feel like an Indian local.

Before going to India, you could visit high street boutiques in your country to find the gorgeous trousers for your Instagram shots in India. One of the local shopping stores that offer loose and printed trousers is Topshop. What’s best with their pants is that they have different lengths to fit those with long or short legs. So if you have short legs, no need to worry that they will sweep all the dirt of Indian streets! Don’t forget to bring at least 3 pairs of these trousers!



Indian women are known for their beautiful accessories. While you are in India, take this opportunity to enjoy accessorizing. The accessories would also go well with your long black dress and even your plain shirts. Pick a unique headscarf or a local necklace to fit your apparel.


Big Scarf

Having a scarf in your luggage will surely save your day. There are a lot of purposes for the scarf – to cover the different parts of your body. As you walk along the streets of India, you may start to notice that people will stare at your skin that is left uncovered.

Make sure to have at least two pieces of really large scarves. See to it that it is made of cotton materials! Do not forget the other piece in your hotel room because you may also need the scarf to cover your hair when entering a religious establishment and is recommended for what women should pack for India trip.


Light Cardigan

Remember when I emphasized how humid and hot India could be? That might let you think of forgetting about packing the cardigan. Just bring one piece in case you get in an air-conditioned space.


More Tips When Choosing Clothes For India Tour

  1. Never ever show your cleavage and thighs to the public. Well, that is if you are not going to some resorts in Goa.
  2. You could actually show a bit skin on your shoulders and legs when you wear a dress.
  3. Always choose the timeless plain clothes for better-looking photographs.
  4. Put in dark colored clothes to prevent filth from being noticeable.
  5. Bring scarves wherever you go. This is to make sure that you have something to cover yourself up when situations require.


Let us know if you have any other suggestions. Leave a comment to share your own Indian tour.

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