New Delhi Layover Guide: Indira Gandhi Airport

If you are in New Delhi at the Indira Gandhi International Airport has a lot to do. If the layover is long, there is a lot to do close by. It is only around 10 mi. from the center of the city. 

If you want to get a bit of rest, go to hotel at the airport, The Centaur Hotel. It is only ½ mi away. There are additional hotels near the airport. For passport and visa regulations, go to this page. You can also get more information at the airport help desks. You can also drop your luggage at storage facilities in the airport if you want to explore the city.

If visit the city during a layover, there are plenty of taxis available at pre-paid stands in the airport. They will give the information on receipts to the drivers. This is the best way to get a taxi. However, you can also take metered taxis as well as rickshaws. In addition, you can take the bus and Private transfers as well. However, no matter what type of transportation you take, know there will be some delay.


Best Things To Do During A Layover In New Delhi:

City Tours

There is a lot to do in the city of New Delhi. For example, take a private day tours to the Taj Mahal, tour the city’s cultural and historical landmarks, take a night tour, take cooking classes, and see shows and concerts.



This is where Mahatma Gandhi lived and was assassinated. His home is a museum where you can find out more about him through sculptures, relics, and photographs of his life.


Emperor Humayun’s Tomb

The Emperor Humayun tomb is a set of buildings from the early 16th century. It is also possible to see the tombs of Bu Halima and Isa Khan Niyazi, the mausoleum and the Blue Dome. It’s in Southern Delhi near Dina-panah.


Red Fort

The Red Fort goes dates to 1639 and is one of the biggest tourist spots in Delhi. It was originally a palace. It got its name from its red walls made of sandstone. If it is your first time visiting India, know that there will be a lot of beggars in the area.


Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is the famous street market and bizarre with foods, and activities from all over India. This is the place to haggle and negotiate! If you don’t like that, go to western styled Metro Walk Mall.



Qutab Minar, the tallest minaret made from brick, is also a great spot to look over the city of Delhi. It was built from refused stones take came from Jain Temples. However, be prepared to climb as the minaret is 399 steps to the very top.



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