Best Goa Rave Party: Clubs, Parties And Raves In GOA – 2018/2019 Edition

Are you a party person? Do you love to explore the different kinds of nightlife in various places around the world? Then you must never miss the nightlife in Goa.

You have to know that Goa is one of the most popular places that offer some of the most energetic crowds for a night party. If you are a hyperactive nocturnal, then you must certainly visit this place. Being India’s nightlife capital, there are certainly fantastic memories to form your lifetime.

The hippie trail has been the start of Goa’s recognition as a place for wild night parties. If you want to experience only the best from Goa, then you have to check out Psytrance or the Goa Trance. Anyone from teenagers to young professionals and even adults can all enjoy their youthful souls in this haven for partygoers. Even the beach is a perfect place for enjoying the night parties. You will love this very accepting place.

Apart from Psytrance, you may also want to visit Techno. This is perfect for those who simply enjoy live entertainment such as band performances. You will also love their guest artists who will stun you with their Bollywood music charisma.

There are different beaches to visit when you are in Goa. The choice really depends on the kind of fun that you are looking for. If you want to listen to some of the best Bollywood hits, then you have to go to the beaches of Baga and Calangute. But if you are in for some psytrance, then go to either the Anjuna or the Vagator. No matter when you visit the place, there will surely be a rave party going on in the place. As they say, the party never stops in Goa most especially during the peak months from November to March.

Still, the party and the fun go on from December to January, particularly during the Christmas season. You need to make sure that you personally experience the festival that happens during New Year’s Eve. If you want to get the best experience during your travel.


Best Goa Rave Clubs, Raves And Party Locations

For party lovers out there, here are ten of the widely loved party places for a rave night:


Chronicle, Vagator (Best For Techno Parties)

If you are looking for a huge place where you can meet diverse groups of people, then you have to visit the Chronicle which is located in Vagator. This club consists of multiple levels where you can also get a fantastic view of the ocean. It has a posh restaurant and a dance floor where you can smell the fresh breeze coming from the beach. You will love their techno parties which happen almost every single day. Get more details about the place in


Curlies, South Anjuna Beach (Best For Psytrance Parties)

The Curlies is truly one of the most popular clubs in the area. It has been notable for having cool facilities that make their guests happy every second of their stay in the club. They have a wide selection of remarkable delicacies that will surely satisfy not only your taste buds but also your tummies. You should definitely not miss coming here. They have an inviting deck where you can just hang out with friends or you may also enjoy their fluorescent deco until the morning sun shines up in the sky. Parties are techno during Mondays while Thursdays are usually psytrance. Visit to know more about the club.


Tito’s Lane, Baga (Best Place For Commercial Parties)

Do you know that the beaches of Baga and the Calangute are some of the most beautiful in India? But beach life will never be complete without the partying at night. That’s why it is really cool that we have the Tito’s Lane in Baga. This bar is truly the best place for those who would like to hear some commercial hits and legendary Bollywood music. This club offers free drinks to ladies almost every single day. Apart from Tito’s, you may also consider visiting Café Mambo for a night of hip-hop music.


Check out the following pages for more information:


Shiva Valley, South Anjuna Beach (Best For Psytrance Parties)

Do you feel revived after a trance? Then you should definitely not miss going to the Shiva Valley which is located at the South Anjuna Beach. This is the favorite club of Indian hippies and party goers. You will certainly remember a night of partying at the Arabian for your entire lifetime. It is the best club to go to in case you are into old school trance music. You may also try visiting the nearby 9 Bar in Vagator or the UV Bar in Anjuna for more interesting psytrance experience. Know more about the Shiva Valley on


Hilltop, Vagator (Best For Psytrance Parties)

The Hilltop is truly a legend when it comes to psytrance events. It never fails its visitors because everyone who enters this place just seemingly becomes extremely delighted with their day. This club offers pumping parties every Sunday which starts around 5:00 pm. They also have renowned DJs who play pulsing beats for every visitor to enjoy and focus on their state of trance. If you happen to visit during the Christmas season, you will definitely rave about their parties that go for more than 24 hours. Check out for more information.


LPK, Nerul

LPK stands for Love, Passion, and Karma. Going to the LPK is truly fascinating most especially for those who would love to experience a leisurely night that is intensified with fun memories. It is located in a waterfront area and is ideal for those who want to dance to commercial hits. What guests love about this place is their indoor dance floor which has been designed with intricate details. Apart from LPK, you may also want to consider going to SinQ Nightclub which is located in Candolim.


For more information about these clubs, check out:


Club Cubana, Arpora (Best For Commercial Parties)

If you are really into night partying, there is no doubt that you should have already heard about Club Cubana. It is a distinguished club that is popular not just in India but also in other Asian countries. This club also has multiple levels where you can breathe fresh air coming from the open layout of the bar. It is located at the Arpora Hill which is just nearby the Saturday Night Market. You will certainly adore this place because of the gigantic area where you can enjoy dancing and partying all night. You have to know that the club schedules a night for ladies every Wednesday. It is during this day that they even provide free drinks for lady visitors. Know more about Club Cubana in


Waters, Vagator (Best For Techno Parties)

This club is located on the Vagator cliff. It is a truly posh club that is perfect for those who would love to experience fun and leisure at the same time. The facilities include a beautiful swimming pool, a cool lounge bar, and a restaurant that serves delicious meals. The techno parties go on every Friday. What’s great with Waters is that you can actually go to a rave party which is overlooking the ocean. Never miss this out! Get to know more about waters on their Facebook page:


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