5 Day Itinerary Of Auroville And Pondicherry- Best Things To Do

Do you plan to travel to India and get the best memories from it? Then you shall never miss the beautiful destinations and best things to do in Auroville and Pondicherry. These are popular sights that travelers truly enjoy.

There are a lot of interesting stuff to see when you have a 5 day itinerary of Auroville and Pondicherry. Even the Indian kids and teenagers are fun to watch and interact with. A lot of foreigners also appreciate the sight of the French quarter where you can see brightly colored walls. Going to these places is like discovering a whole new facet of the diverse Indian culture.

You will definitely increase your interest in the Indian way of life when you visit Auroville and Pondicherry for 5 days. There are marvelous effects of the combination of traditional Indian culture and the French values. Apart from capturing stunning photographs, the overall experience is something to be treasured when spending 5 days in Auroville and Pondicherry.



Things To Do In Auroville And Pondicherry

Appreciate Nature At The Solitude Farm

If you are would like to experience a wonderful nature adventure, then you have to visit the Solitude Farm. This is a truly beautiful community which started two decades ago. Do you know what makes this place extremely wonderful? The farm was established by the young locals of Auroville. They got their farming ideas from Masanoby Fukuoka who wrote the book The One Straw Revolution. This farm measures around 6 acres which makes it very ideal for the convergence of two kinds of farming methods – the alternative and the natural.

What also makes this place highly inviting to other people is the chance that it offers for volunteer work. If you are a tourist who would like to know more about farming and the Indian way of life, you could volunteer to help with managing and operating the entire farm. You could choose to work on simple or complex farming tasks. Do not miss this chance because you will surely learn so much from the agriculture perspective during your 5 day itinerary of Auroville.


Get On A Gastronomical Feast

Traveling to a certain place without exploring their culinary traditions is like losing the best experience in your adventure. You have to know that some of the best things Auroville offers is delicious cuisines in the international food arena. The reviews done by those who have involved themselves in culinary explorations have asserted that Auroville provides some of the best cosmopolitan dishes. You should check out the Auroville Dining Hall because it offers impressive lunch meals. It is also worth recognizing that this restaurant serves almost a thousand lunch meals daily. What a magnificent chunk, right?


Experience And Witness The Ancient Martial Art Of Kalaripayattu

If you are an enthusiast of martial arts, then it would be magnificently wonderful to learn about the ancient martial arts of India. The Kalaripayattu is said to have been developed even earlier than kung fu and taekwondo. It helps to increase the body’s strength and it also boosts the system’s energy. If you would like to personally try this kind of martial arts, you should visit the Kalarigram which is a renowned local Kalarischool.

This martial arts institution can be found in Auroville and is operated by one of the most respected personalities in the field whose name is Lakshamanan Guruji. It is definitely worth exerting your effort and your time. Learning the skills and the values of the Kalaripayattu will certainly help your overall well-being. But if you are not that into martial arts but would only like to get a feel of it or witness how it is done, you could also schedule a visit to their show. This school also offers choreographed performances for the tourists and locals who are interested in their craft.


Take Swimming Classes At The Auro Beach

I personally enjoyed taking swimming classes at Auroville. You could choose to swim at the harbor of Veerampattinam which is good even for kids because of its shallow waters. If you happen to drop by to this beach, please look for Ruslan and his family. They are locals who are really kind and they offer quality swimming lessons for tourists. Apart from swimming, you can also get into a surfing adventure. There are a lot of locals who could help you learn about surfing if ever it would be your first time to try the activity. Just contact Ruslan or visit Auro Swim.

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