What To Pack For Traveling To Iceland – 8 Things You Should Pack

Iceland happens to have a variety of weather conditions in a day, and this makes parking for a trip here challenging. This way you will have to pack clothes that will be fit for icy winds, mild temperatures, and bright sunshine. The icy winds here are quite harsh, and thus you need a perfect outfit to protect yourself. Thus it’s important to know what to pack for traveling to Iceland so you don’t get surprised.

Iceland’s weather is what makes the weather in British seem mild and calm. The weather here is so unpredictable, and thus you cannot plan on what to wear based on the mornings’ climate. Some of the perfect clothing to carry in Iceland are chunky boots, thick tights, wool dresses and knitted jumpers. You will also need to carry some other practical things during the trip even if they are not as stylish as you may prefer. Check out the 8 things that you should pack when going to Iceland.

Below are things you should consider to carry when traveling to Iceland. We will also see some things you will buy once you arrive.


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What To Pack For Traveling To Iceland


Comfortable Walking Boots/Shoes

If the trip is during the summer season, then you might be interested in going for hiking and also visiting some mountains. You will, therefore, need some comfortable and decent pair of shoes. If the trip is during the winter season, you will not go for hikes, but you will visit national parks and waterfalls.

Ensure you carry a pair of boots that are sturdy when going for hiking. This boots will attach your crampons and makes your hiking much easier.

If you happen to forget your hiking boots and you want to go for glacier hiking, then you can hire some for £5.00 which is one thousand Icelandic Krona. The boots will spare you from having to go with a bulky pair of boots, and it is also much cheaper compared to buying a new pair.


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Layers are crucial in Iceland. They make you stay warm at all time without losing the sense of style even when the weather is so unpredictable. I recommend that you wear the Thermals. Some people may think that they are not stylish and sexy. However, when you have them on the inside, you can wear what you want on the outside.

For instance, you can wear legging on top of the thermals and then wear a cute dress top or a jumper. They give you a super toasty look, and they will not make you look bundles.


Waterproof Jacket

Ensure you carry a waterproof jacket irrespective of the time of the year you will be visiting Iceland. Remember that we said Iceland’s weather could change any minute from been sunny to bright to cold. This is why we advise you to carry a light waterproof jacket which you can put on when still in your jumpers.

A North Face jacket is one ideal waterproof jacket you should consider. It has an excellent hood and lining on the neck that makes it preferred by many. It is lightweight and it folds into something small thus does not consume too much space in your backpack. They are a little expensive but quite durable.


Waterproof Trousers

People do not like to buy these trousers for some reasons. One is that the waterproof trousers are expensive and they do not have such a pleasing look. You will have to part with around $45 to buy these trousers. The trousers are very ugly, but you will be glad you bought them when it starts raining.

During the trip, you will need to move from one place to another, and it will be a horrible experience to have your trousers soaked with water all day long.

They come in different styles. There is the thin type which you can wear them when still in something else and others are lined. The thing trousers is a good option since you can remove them when it becomes sunny and they are also cheaper.


Icelandic Jumper

When you get to Iceland, you will note that almost all people and especially will be having the Icelandic jumper. It is a uniform in the region, and thus you need one to fit in.

They are made using natural materials, are designed with a pattern around the neck, and you will only find them in neutral colors. They are very warm, and thus you do not have to wear anything else on top of them. This is why many people in Iceland prefer it.

These jumpers have a high price because they are handmade. Knitting here is quite popular, and it has become a national symbol in Iceland. In 2008 the country had an economic crisis, and this jacket shows how the country was able to cope during this difficult time. Therefore there is much more in this jumper than you may think. It shows how the country values their traditions and their ability to look after themselves. Many visitors who get to Iceland will always want to buy the jumper, and this has increased their popularity even further.

Top tip: the jumpers are hot and itchy. Make sure that you wear a light thing on the inside if you do not want to itch.


GoPro Camera

People these days love to take pictures with their DSLR and iPhone cameras, but this may not work so well in Iceland. GoPro camera is an ideal choice for the tour since you can use them during the undercover activates and when the weather is wet.

GoPro camera is tiny, and it has a waterproof case. You can easily attach the camera to the wrist strap, chest and on the head. They will serve you quite well when around a waterfall, when visiting the Blue Lagoon and hot springs and when snorkeling.



You may find it strange to have cashmere bobble hats and sunglasses on the same list. The truth of the matter, however, is that you will need then when visiting Iceland. It is awesome to watch as the sun covers the fresh snow layer, but you will need some sunglasses to protect your eyes.


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