Iceland On A Budget: 5 Costs You Should Consider

Do you know that Iceland is one of the most expensive countries to visit? Despite this fact, we can still share some of the best ways so that visiting Iceland on a budget could be a possibility. Breaking the banks is not at all necessary when you have your own travel fund and when you have planned your budget Iceland trip accordingly. You will need to have a well-planned travel budget considering that all the costs of car rentals, hotel accommodations, grocery items, and even the fantastic itinerary in Iceland. Let this Iceland on a budget guide help with your trip.


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Traveling To Iceland On A Budget: 5 Things You Should Save For


#1: Include Vehicle Gas In Iceland Travel Budget

Going on a road trip to Iceland would surely eat up a significant amount of gas. You have to know that gas in Iceland is extremely expensive. How expensive could it get? Well, driving in Iceland would mean paying gas prices that are either double or triple the prices of gas in America! So consider this for your Iceland budget costs.

A gallon of gas usually costs between $5-$7 USD. But surely, you would not only consume a gallon of gas, right? If you want to witness all the marvelous landscapes and wonderful sights that Iceland offers, then be ready to go on a driving spree. Make sure to set aside a big portion of your Iceland budget for gas. After all, driving in Iceland on a budget could be the cheapest way to explore the country.

Be sure that you got enough savings for vehicle gas. Remember that Iceland is really a big country; thus, expect long and heavy driving as you explore this heavenly place.


#2: Consider Toll Fees In Computing Costs For Iceland On A Budget

Going on road trips in the beautiful highways of Iceland would not only require effort, time, and gas on your part. You must also be well-prepared for the toll fees to be collected as you pass through their roads. Let us give you a rundown on some of the fees to be considered when planning for Iceland on a budget. Passing through the underwater tunnel heading to West Iceland would cost around $10 for the toll fee. Then if you plan to go back to Reykjavik, be ready to spend another $10 for it. Oh, $20 may sound insignificant right now; but it would always be best to account for every dollar that would be potentially spent. You know that having an Iceland tour is already expensive in itself. That’s why toll fees should be considered in your Iceland budget preparations.


#3: Save For Snacks So You Won’t Go Hungry

We will repeatedly tell you, don’t dine out in Iceland, most especially if you have a desire to travel Iceland on a budget. Take note that an epic Iceland road trip would mean a lot of driving. And driving hungry would surely bring you nowhere, so make sure that you save a lot for snacks. You could surely grab some snacks such as granola bars or potato chips at a nearby gas station, but you would not want to take this route because the prices of goods at gas stations are a lot more expensive. You may instead visit the grocery stores in Iceland where you could purchase affordable snack items such as apples and oranges, Lays and Doritos, or popcorn and chips. Preparing snacks ahead of your trip would let you reduce your Iceland travel expenses.


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#4: Save Money For Parking Fees

Do you that a lot of tourists forget about parking fees when planning for Iceland on a budget? That includes us as well! We were totally caught off guard when we were asked to pay parking fees for having stayed at a 5-star hotel in the capital of Iceland. This oddly surprised us because we were used to booking hotels that included parking fees in their accommodation rates. The government of Iceland also has their own laws that legally ask for city parking fees from both locals and tourists.

If you desire to visit Iceland on a budget, make sure that you know how different places also ask for different parking rates. Zone 1 which is on the main streets of the country have the highest parking rates while other zones on the side streets require cheaper fees. Based on our experience, we paid around $15 for hours of parking in Zone 2.


#5: Save For Restroom Fees

What would you do if you suddenly felt an urge to pee but have not prepared any penny to shoulder the restroom fees? Well, we don’t want that to happen to you. Know that it would cost you money just to use restrooms in most of the places in Iceland. If you do not want any hassle, be sure to have loose change to cover for this expense.

Well, not all bathrooms in Iceland would actually ask for payment. There are still some clean bathrooms to use that are free of charge such as the Bonus Iceland grocery store or the N1 grocery shop. But if you happen to get stuck in trafficked and crowded areas such as the Gullfoss or stop at local gas stations, better be prepared to spend some Kronors for using the toilet!

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