Iceland Grocery Store: 5 Things You Need To Know

Tourists who want to enjoy Iceland with a limited budget should know that grocery shops are their best friend. Let’s say that you are to spend 5 days on an Iceland road trip. How many times would you eat out? How much do you think could you save by just visiting the grocery stores in the country instead of dining in restaurants? It’s quite a significant amount that you could just spend for some souvenir items or car rental. But before you head on to the famous grocery stores in Iceland, let us share some of the best tips for trip to the Iceland grocery store.


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Iceland Grocery Store: 5 Things You Need To Know

#1: Finding inexpensive items at the grocery stores in Iceland

Do you know that the grocery stores in Iceland offer quality items at extremely affordable rates? Isn’t it surprising? Don’t ever think that you are financially doomed just because of how pricey Iceland’s liquor, hotel accommodations, restaurant meals, and vehicle gas are. The country provides a fascinating shopping experience to its visitors by having cheap food such as pizzas that are only around $4-5 USD and baked goods for only around $3 USD.

Here are some good tips from us. First, think twice when buying meals from a gas station, simply because of the high costs and low quality. A simple combo of hotdog and soda could already cost you around $15 USD which could actually be a lot cheaper when bought from an Iceland supermarket. Second, consider getting into local grocery stores to grab some snacks before actually going on an Iceland tour.


#2: Iceland supermarkets offer global brands that are familiar to you

We know how hard it is for some people to purchase something that they have not tested yet. What’s great with Iceland grocery stores is their great supply of recognizable brands of frozen products, canned goods, chips, and other commodities. If you want to munch on some yummy Doritos and Lays along the road, just head to a local grocery shop.

Iceland is very famous among the Asian, European, and American tourists. Because of the number of visitors coming from these countries, most of the owners of grocery stores in Iceland have decided to stock some stuff that remind travelers of their own home. Despite your urge to buy those things that are familiar to you, make sure that you will still have a purchase of some local items that would let you understand more about the native culture of Iceland.


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#3: Grocery shops in Iceland have their own distinct characteristics

If you have ever heard of the cliché that no two persons are created equal, then you must also think of Iceland groceries as that. The supermarkets could significantly vary with their pricing systems, building sizes, and item selections. As you venture to the south of Iceland or drive the entire Ring Road, you will surely realize that there will always be a unique character in every grocery store. To prevent any disturbance, make sure that you buy all the necessary travel supplies in Reykjavik because you’ll never know when you might need one item and only find out that the grocery store nearest to you offers only a few selections. Do not worry about the fresh produce and frozen goods because almost all grocery shopping centers offer these items.


#4 Visiting Bonus Iceland will surprise you with affordable items

As the name suggests, this grocery store has lots of bonuses in store for tourists and locals alike! It is one of the most popular business establishments in the country because of the presence of multiple branches around Iceland. There are a lot of Bonus Iceland branches in Reykjavik, a couple in the surrounding areas of the capital, and a few that can be found in the western part of Iceland. If you want to find great selections at affordable rates, just look for the logo of the Bonus Iceland with a cute pig that is colored bright yellow and pink.

Aside from Bonus Iceland, there are also other supermarkets like Kronan and Netto that are both popular among the locals and travelers. But still, we have greater preference for Bonus Iceland because it is like Iceland’s counterpart for Aldi where you can find the greatest selections of different food products with very low prices. So if you are in Reykjavik, perhaps, getting a wonderful bonus means visiting this easily accessible grocery shop.


#5: Leave your bags when buying from the supermarkets in Iceland

Are you used to bringing your own shopping bag when visiting the grocery? Well, forget about such practice for a little while in Iceland. The grocery shops in Iceland are different from the many grocery stores in Europe. Iceland supermarkets provide shopping bags for their customers. This certainly gives you greater convenience for a hassle-free travel. However, if you’d like contribute something to conserve our resources, then you may opt to include an environmental bag to your must-have Iceland packing list.

Now that you are informed of the facts about grocery shopping in Iceland, it is best to give you some packing tips. Here are 5 things that you must never forget when packing for a trip to Iceland:


  1. A Dependable Balaclava

Always anticipate the climate and weather of your travel destination. It is important to have a balaclava in your luggage because it will keep both your neck and your face from being damaged by the arctic winds. When going to Iceland, it is important to buy a balaclava instead of a scarf because it can be tucked in your shirt and never be blown away even by the strongest wind. Balaclavas can be bought at a price starting $10.


  1. A Waterproof Camera

What are tours without proof? What are memories without photographs? GoPro is an important gadget that must be in list of packing essentials to Iceland. What is great with GoPro Hero 6 and the other new models of the same camera is that they are extremely reliable, strong, and waterproof.


  1. Complete Daypack

How on earth could you bring a heavy luggage as you go on trekking on the mountains of Iceland? Then, it is highly advisable that you include a daypack in your list. It would be your perfect travel buddy because it would carry all the essentials for an entire day such as snacks, extra shirts, water jug, mobile phone, and more. When looking for the perfect daypack, choose a foldable variant that you could keep in your suitcase and just bring out when needed.


  1. Stomach-Filling Food

If you have plans of eating out in Iceland, can we suggest that you take another route of food adventure instead? The Iceland getaway may cost your savings, and we do not want you to get bankrupt just because of eating in restaurants. It would be a lovely experience to buy meals that are freeze dried or pack extra food that you can buy from local grocery centers. By taking this route, you will be able to have significant savings.


  1. Thick Wool Socks

Do you know what happens to people who do not pack wool socks for their Iceland travels? We leave that to your imagination. But based on experience, wool socks are really crucial to maintaining and regulating your body temperature in a place with extreme weather conditions such as Iceland. Will you go on a winter trip to this country without a pair of wool socks?

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