Blue Lagoon, Iceland: What It’s The Experience Like

Can we just all feel relaxed and pampered every single time that we spend our anniversaries, birthdays, or even the Holidays? I really would like to be enjoying a hot bath in a natural body of water that is surrounded by environmental wonders. That’s why I decided to visit the very famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Do you know that going to the Blue Lagoon is extremely easy? You don’t really need to have your own vehicle. You could just ride a bus from the capital or directly from the airport during a layover. But if you would like to experience some fun road trip, then you could rent a car for the particular purpose. It is actually just a very short drive of twenty minutes from the Keflavik Airport.

The tour to Iceland Blue Lagoon isn’t really that expensive. The entrance fee costs around 45 GBP or 62 USD. But because I am more than willing to spend extra for a better experience, I chose to get the Comfort Entrance which allowed me to have a glass of refreshment, a piece of towel, and even a robe. Although the entrance did not cost me that much, I was surprised with how pricey the food and drinks at the Blue Lagoon are. What’s good is that they have a very technological means of payment that uses microchip-infused wristbands.

The sceneries and the steaming hot water from the Blue Lagoon are all irresistible. I was just simply caught in awe that’s why plunging in the hot waters has been total refreshment from the hours I spent traveling to the icy cold place. Apart from the magical bathing experience, I also got to have fantastic pictures taken during the trip at Blue Lagoon, Iceland.

You all know how snow and icy wind could bring discomfort to our bodies, right? That’s why it was so amazing to have Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I just felt the ultimate relaxation ever by just dipping into the water that was about 38 degrees Celsius.

If you are curious how Blue Lagoon has such a remarkable supply of hot water, then let me give you the answer. Blue Lagoon is a natural source of millions of liters of seawater. Yup, it has salted water that makes the experience even more fantastic. The seawater comes from a nearby geothermal plant that gets refilled every forty hours.

By just seeing the place, I immediately wanted to be extremely adventurous by plunging straight into the waters and diving in. But the Iceland Blue Lagoon has an intrinsic peaceful character that makes people automatically discipline themselves. It is actually the perfect place for tourists who want to find the kind of serenity that is hard to find in the city. Imagine dipping in a body of hot water alongside feeling the cold wind of Iceland and seeing some majestic landscapes.

What makes the lagoon more tranquil is the presence of cloudy fogs that blur the surroundings. It is like telling you to forget about everything and just focus on the relaxing effects of the hot water in your body.


Blue Lagoon Iceland

Since Iceland is the Land of Ice and Fire, it is only understandable how two extreme temperatures could actually coexist and dynamically interact to provide tourists and locals the best experience of nature. Right across the lagoon is a lava field that is said to be five centuries old. The presence of the lava field allowed us to enjoy some natural silica mud packs.

Going to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is actually similar to visiting a luxurious spa. You get to have a relaxing bath and you even get the chance to improve your skin’s texture. The natural mud is great for the exfoliation of dead skin cells and the nourishment of the skin’s inner layers.

After all the relaxation and pampering, why not have some drinks to even further the amazing experience? The swim-up bar of the place offers some local cool drinks to help you unwind and feel more at peace with nature.

Now that I have surely inspired you to visit Blue Lagoon, let me also give you some reminders in case that you have already made up your mind.

  1. Because the lagoon has seawater, expect to have dry hair afterwards. Bring a bottle of conditioner for rinsing.
  2. Although the minerals of the lagoon water could nourish your skin, it is still best to bring some lotion to combat any harmful skin reaction.
  3. If you suddenly get hungry during the Blue Lagoon tour, make sure that you have extra cash because the restaurants offer really expensive food.
  4. In case you are after some marvelous photographs of the lagoon and the surrounding landscape, then you have to check the platform within the restaurant. Here, you can just stare at Iceland’s natural wonders.


Hopefully this review has helped you what to expect when you travel to Blue Lagoon in Iceland.


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