Best Hiking Boots For Iceland In Winter And Summer 2018/2019

If you’re planning a visit to Iceland, then decent hiking boots need to be at the top of your Iceland shopping list! This guide will help you prepare for what to wear in Iceland and is full of tried and tested suggestions to help you make the best decisions.

No matter what time of year you intend to go, be it Iceland in winter, summer or Iceland in the off-season, decent boots are an Iceland wardrobe essential. A top tip when choosing your boots or shoes whether you visit in the winter or the summer – make sure they are waterproof!

Iceland is infamous for being an expensive destination, and while you can afford to cut corners and choose the cheapest options for flights, accommodation and save money by eating in, you definitely should not scrimp on your footwear. Spend some extra money on decent boots for your trip and you will be making a worthwhile investment.

This post is in two parts: firstly, the best footwear to buy for visiting Iceland in the warmer summer months, and secondly, the best boots to get for visiting Iceland in the off-season and the winter.



Recommended Footwear For Visiting Iceland In Winter

Iceland Winter Footwear Recommendations for Men

Planning to visit Iceland in winter guarantees snow and icy weather conditions so a decent pair of winter boots are essential. Snow boots in summer months would be too warm and just leave you with sweaty feet! When selecting boots for your winter trip to Iceland, ensuring that they will keep you warm and dry is key.


Merrell Turku Trek Waterproof Winter Boot

If you want warmth and style, then these boots could be a good choice for you. Men’s winter boots are generally bulky and rugged, but for the fashion conscious, these Merrells are a good option. These boots are warm, waterproof and the leather finish gives them a stylish look.


Columbia Bugaboot Plus Omni-Heat Michelin Snow Boot

This pair of sturdy boots are perfect for your winter trip to Iceland. The Omni-Heat technology ensures they will keep your feet warm even at -22 degrees Fahrenheit, although it’s highly unlikely that the temperature would ever drop that low in Iceland! They are too warm to wear whilst traveling to Iceland – you will have sweaty feet the whole journey there!

So the key points to remember when shopping for boots for your trip to Iceland is to make sure they are waterproof, no matter what time of the year you intend to travel, and to make sure they are certified to be warm for trips in the colder off-season. As a truly unique and beautiful country, your trip to Iceland should be a magical experience – make sure you get your trip off on the right foot and invest in proper footwear! You won’t regret it!


Iceland Winter Footwear Recommendations for Women

If you’re planning to travel to Iceland in the winter, you’ll have to take the cold and the snow into consideration. You will need to look for boots that are warmth certified. Investing in a decent pair of snow boots could really be worth the money if visiting in winter.


Columbia Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

These boots are super warm! In fact, if it’s not freezing out, you will have sticky, sweaty feet! The Omni-Heat technology ensure that your feet will stay warm in these boots even at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. You could wear these boots in Iceland and walk through freezing ground and water and didn’t even feel it. These boots are guaranteed to keep your feet cozy and warm in the Icelandic winter while still being flexible.


Columbia Heavenly Shorty Omni-Heat Snow Boot

These boots are ideal for anyone who doesn’t favor a high boot but still want to keep their feet super warm. These snow boots are also Omni-Heat technology certified so you’ll have warm feet guaranteed!


Recommended Footwear For Visiting Iceland In Summer


Iceland Footwear Recommendations for Men

Waterproof footwear is a must for men visiting Iceland too! Waterproof shoes and boots are just as important whether you’re visiting in summer or winter. Check out these tried and tested options for men:


Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

This pair of hiking shoes for men are quite large so in order to save space for the rest of your packing, you should consider wearing them while you’re traveling to Iceland. These boots are made of high-quality leather and are fully waterproof. They are a real investment that you will have for years to come. If you don’t want to buy a second pair of boots for winter, consider pairing these ones with a pair of wool socks, and they will be winter ready!


Columbia North Plains II Hiking Shoe

For affordable but high quality hiking shoes, this pair of shoes could be the best option for you! These hiking shoes are neater than boots so they will take up less space in your luggage too.


Iceland Footwear Recommendations for Women

The most important thing to look for when choosing your footwear is to make sure your choose waterproof! During your stay in Iceland you can expect lots of unpredictable weather, with sunshine interspersed with rain showers. Also, many of the sights that you’ll be visiting in Iceland are close to water and as you’ll be walking on wet land, you’ll be thankful to have your feet warm and dry! You don’t want to put a dampener on your once in a lifetime trip by suffering through with cold, wet feet!


Merrell Sugarbush Refresh Waterproof Hiking Boot

If it’s important for you to stay dry, feel comfortable and still look stylish, then Merrells could be the best choice for you. They are not as waterproof as the Columbia brand, but they are still top quality. These boots for Iceland have a leather finish that looks stylish, but they are still a great boot. In fact, they are so sturdy you could even take these on a trip to Iceland in the off-season too!


Columbia Redmond Mid Waterproof Trail Shoe

For shoes that support the ankles, these mid-rise waterproof shoes would be an excellent choice. They are bigger so they will use up more of your luggage space, but if ankle support is important for you, then it’s worth sacrificing that space.


Columbia’s Dakota Drifter Waterproof Trail Shoe

This shoe is super comfy and 100% waterproof. These are a really worthwhile investment for your Iceland trip.

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