Hungary Living Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Live In Hungary?

Do you have any plans of permanently migrating to Hungary to find better career opportunities and want to know the Hungary living costs? Or do you simply want to stay in the country for more than a year or so because you have fallen in love with the place?

You must know that you are not alone in the thought and might want to know how much does it cost to live in Hungary. There are many foreigners who have chosen to live their daily lives in the beautiful country of Hungary. There are approximately 60,000 foreigners or expatriates who have chosen to live and work here.

How about the cost of living in Hungary? Are you prepared to transfer to this place in terms of your financial capability? Hungary is basically a member country of the European Union. Despite its membership, it still uses its own currency which is the forint. This makes the Hungarian economy a little less stable than other European Union member countries. Know also that it would be much more demanding to live in the capital and the bigger cities in Hungary particularly because rental rates, food prices, and other costs of living in Hungary are much more expensive when compared with other places outside of the capital.


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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Hungary?

Visa Cost

As part of the European Union, Hungary follows the provisions set by the Schengen Agreement. A tourist visa would allow you to travel within Hungary and other Schengen covered areas for three months only. After this, you will need to process other legal documents to be able to stay longer.


Hungary Housing Cost

One of the best things when migrating to Hungary is its relatively lower housing costs. When you compare the Hungarian cities such as Budapest with the American City of New York, you could definitely appreciate how cheap a month of rental rate there is in Hungary. Statistically speaking, we could say that Budapest is actually among the cities that offer some of the least expensive housing rates all over the world.

An apartment in Budapest would cost you around 150 to 300 Euros every month. But if you are planning to get bigger properties with well-manicured lawns and more number of rooms, then you could allocate around 400 to 600 Euros for your monthly rent.


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Transportation Cost In Hungary

If you have plans of going out of town for your vacation or for regular travels, you won’t have to worry because the transportation system in Hungary is definitely reliable. You could easily ride either a train or a bus depending on your desired destination. Would you even believe that senior citizens and children even travel for zero costs? Yup, that’s how wonderful it is to live in Hungary! If you plan to take the suburban railway, be prepared to pay not more than 3 Euros for a journey that covers over 30 kilometers. You can even roam around different towns and cities for not more than 25 Euros.

Most of the workers in Hungary who need to travel from their homes to workplaces simply purchase a transportation pass that is good for an entire month. This allows them to save significant amounts because a journey through the Budapest metro costs around 1.12 Euros. You could actually get the same monthly pass for not more than 30 Euros.


Hungary Healthcare Cost

If among your primary concerns is health, then Hungary could be heaven sent for you and your family. This nation is considered to be providing some of the best healthcare services at low prices. We could even categorically say that Hungary is definitely performing excellently in terms of medical and dental care. What’s even more surprising is that there are other Europeans who even come to Hungary just to undergo certain medical procedures because the practitioners and healthcare institutions in the country ask for extremely cheaper rates.


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Internet Cost In Hungary

The cost of internet in the country actually depends on the connection speed that you would like to subscribe to. The internet speeds vary in range from 15 mbps to 30 mbps. The rate goes between 15 and 30 Euros.


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