10 Things To Do In Budapest In 2018/2019

Who would not easily get awestruck with the wonder of Budapest? If you are a little curious about its name, let me give you a little geographical trivia. Budapest is composed of 2 cities which are Buda and Pest. A body of water called the River Danube separates these cities. You will surely marvel at the admirable bridges that connect them. Although they are just usually called together as a single name, there still remains distinct characteristics between the two and there’s lots of things to do in Budapest.

When you visit the place, allot several days to be able to fully enjoy the culture, history, and geographical wonders of the area. Honestly, an entire weekend will not even suffice your curiosities for the place because there’s so many things to do in Budapest. You will be enjoying drinking in their hipster bars. You will also appreciate their delectable cuisines. Most wonderfully, you will want to shop for a lot of vintage items in their stores.

Certainly, you will not only go shopping, restaurant hopping, or even alcohol drinking in this famous city in Hungary. There are a lot more things to do in Budapest. Let me give you 10 best activities to do in Budapest.


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10 Things To Do In Budapest In 2018

Visit The Parliament Building

One of the main things that you can’t miss in Budapest is viewing the iconic Parliament building. If ever you have crossed the river through the Fisherman’s Bastion, you may have already seen the majestic Parliament Building. However, we encourage you to visit the building closely so that you won’t only see its façade but also marvel at its neo-gothic theme and royal interiors. By visiting this, you will be able to have a better understanding of their political history over the past century.

To see the grand staircase that measures around 2,000 km in length and the other stunning limestone interior decorations, be prepared to pay between 2,000 to 4,000 HUF. Having the extra cash to pay for the entrance would surely be worth it as this is the best thing to see in Budapest.


Enjoy The Széchenyi Thermal Baths

One of the most popular activities for tourists is the bathing in Budapest’s thermal baths. You could find a lot of establishments that offer thermal baths at all times of the year. Even the locals’ favorite hobbies include thermal bathing. This kind of activity can also be more appreciated during winters to make you feel relaxed and is one of the best things to do in Budapest. But make sure to go early during the summer time as the lines get long and the inside gets busy.

Széchenyi is one of the widely visited thermal baths not just in Hungary but also around Europe. It is because Széchenyi has the biggest facility for medicinal and thermal baths. You may enjoy a little bit of privacy when bathing indoors or get to have some natural fun bathing outdoors while enjoying its neo-baroque architecture. Another establishment that is locally popular is Gellert where you could also feel relaxed while witnessing its majestic cathedral-like building. Lockers are provided, so don’t worry about having your things taken while at the Széchenyi Baths.


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Appreciate The Marvelous St. Stephen’s Basilica

Churches have always served to be among the best travel destinations of countries across the globe. It is primarily because of the architectural wonder and historical mysticism associated with them. St. Stephen’s Basilica is among the most admirable churches in Hungary where you’ll get to witness intelligently-designed interiors and is a great thing to see in Budapest.

Although it is basically a church, you may still be required to give a donation amounting to 200 HUF. I think that the amount is worth it considering that you will get to see one of the marvelous structures that reflect wealth and art all together. The interiors are filled with golden statues, masterfully crafted pieces, colorful cupolas, and splendid paintings.


Go To Fisherman’s Bastion To Witness The Beauty Of Pest

There are a lot of precious sceneries to witness in the city of Pest. To get an almost complete view of Pest, you may consider going to the Fisherman’s Bastion. You will also find the Chain Bridge in the area where you could climb up to reach the Buda Castle. Take note that this would require little fees from you. If you plan to go the free route, you could instead trek the hill. When you reach the top, it’s one of the best things to do in Budapest with the amazing views. For those that like to take pictures, there’s no better place to take an Instagram picture or something similar to share with your friends.

Also, know that the climb could possibly make you feel tired and sweaty. But does it even matter if you will find marvelous sceneries after your climb? Do not forget to savor the architectural wonders of Matthias Church and the Houses of Parliament as you climb.


Be Astonished By The Beauty Of The New York Café

The New York Cafe is labeled by some authorities to be the most remarkable and exquisite cafes around the world. It is located in Boscolo Hotel. Upon entering the café, you will doubt whether you are still in an ordinary coffee shop. You will suddenly realize that you have entered a palace that is packed with only the most stunning interiors and a splendid theater.

Admiring the opulent structure and the astonishing architecture makes the entire visit to the New York Café something to be remembered. If you can spend a little more than the average price for meals, you may consider getting a cup of coffee or sandwiches in the establishment. But if you are on a tight budget, then just have some sight-seeing of the café and go somewhere else for a hearty meal.



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Experience Claustrophilia

Claustrophilia is among the best memories I have had when I visited Budapest. It is more than a beautiful place. Claustrophilia is actually an unforgettable experience and is a must do thing in Budapest.

The concept of the activities in this travel destination gets inspiration from “claustrophobia” which makes you get inside different rooms. In order to get out of these rooms, you have to first be able to successfully solve a puzzle within an hour. Don’t worry, it is not as scary as you may think! Don’t ever dare not to try this exciting adventure. It will truly test your adventure skills.


Do Not Forget To Have A Taste Of The Goulash At The Opera House

The goulash is a traditional Hungarian cuisine that you must not skip when visiting Budapest. The cuisine probably developed because the locals needed to have a dish that would warm their bodies from extreme winters. It is basically a stew of meat and vegetables and is one of the best things to eat in Budapest.

The Opera House is the perfect place to have the traditional goulash. You will find the Opera House on the street of Andrassy Utca. Surely, you will not be lost in the place because the Opera House exhibits a grandiose architecture. Upon entering its café, you will certainly appreciate the sparkling marble tiles and regal chairs. Apart from the goulash, do not also forget to have a taste of their coffee and cakes.


Savor Delicious Pastries From Café Ruszwurm

If you have been tired from touring the city, you may consider visiting Ruszwurm. This is among the popular old world coffee houses in Buda. Know that the cafés during the last century served an essential role in the development of the local culture. Visit this place to understand more about the tradition, art, and hipster culture of Budapest.

Do not expect to see modern café architecture because Ruszwurm is among the ancient cafes that survived some of the most wicked wars ever. The Hungarian royalty even truly loved the pastries from this café. Their past queen would even order cakes from them. If you are wondering which cake to try, then you have to go for the dobostorte which is a 7-layer delicious cake.


Have Some Fun At The SzimplaKert Ruin Pub

Budapest has a lot of history to tell. One of the best ways to learn more about their history is by visiting their old buildings. Some of these establishments have turned into pubs, thus getting the name ruin pubs.

You will find a lot of ruin pubs in the Jewish Quarter as it’s one of the best places to drink in Budapest. The SzimplaKert is among the most visited pubs because of the experience that it offers. Apart from the remarkable services, you will also love their refreshing outdoor nooks and the unique indoor themes.


Have Some Drinks At GozsduUdvar

For us, the best place to visit when you want to fill your tummy with delicious food and drinks is the Jewish Quarter. It is in this area where you’ll find the GozsduUdvar that has lots of other pubs and restaurants. Enjoy heartwarming meals from these establishments.

We could also definitely say that the Spiler is among the best restaurants in Budapest. Their burgers are awesome and the ambiance really allows you to feel Budapest in your heart and mind.

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