What Creates A 5-Star Hotel? 9 Top Things To Check For

Have you ever wondered why some hotels are labeled as four- or five-star? How do these hotels actually get the ratings? Is there a centralized agency that evaluates a certain property? Well, unfortunately, there is actually not a single authority to name a certain hotel as being five-star. This makes it very tempting for hotel businesses to claim that they are a 5-star property even when they do not meet standards for such ratings.

What’s good, however, is that you can personally check the validity of hotels’ claims regarding their star ratings. Here are the following factors that make a certain property under the 5-star category:


What Makes A 5-Star Hotel?

The Quality Of Services

The very basic determinant of a five-star hotel is the quality of the services that they offer. You have to know that most of the staff in the hospitality industry do not last long enough to maintain the quality of their services. It is actually very difficult to retain employees in the hotel business, thus recruitment and training of crews and staff often become a hindrance to the consistency in the delivery of quality services.

You cannot simply base the rating of a particular hotel on the high-tech facilities and the superbly designed interiors. The primary determinant of a hotel’s standing among other hotels is how much they make their guests happy and satisfied with how they entertain them, how well they accommodate their requests, and how they make every night sleep-worthy.

But not all five-star hotels come without flaws. Surely, there are lapses in the services at some points in time because of the erring nature of humans. But during the times when you encounter problems, five-star hotels usually compensate their guests by offering other perks and privileges such as an upgrade to a higher room category or late check-out.


Food & Beverage Services

Thousands of hotels all over the world offer free buffet breakfasts to their guests. But simply having a buffet feature does not make a particular hotel five-star rated. You have to know that luxurious hotels must also be able to deliver quality food and drinks that will be enjoyed by their guests coming from different parts of the world. There must be a variation in the buffet table in order to capture the taste buds of their customers. The in-room dining menu must also present an extensive list that would make sure that every meal is extremely delicious. Pastries must be guaranteed fresh at all times and baked by the hotel chefs themselves. Five-star hotels also offer organic options for those who maintain a special diet.


The Pool And Services

You cannot name a property as five-star by just having an awesome pool. The services given in the pool area must also be as excellent as the design of the pool itself.

I personally admire the pool services offered at Mandarin Oriental Singapore. This hotel has truly attentive and cool staff that is very responsive to every guest’s need. You will be personally approached and given your own towels and complimentary drinks while having a plunge in the pool or while basking in the warmth of the sun. This kind of pool services would be very hard to find in other rated hotels.


Personalized Services

It is very important for the hotel business to be able to make a personalized approach to their guests because it is through personalization that their customers would feel more special. One factor to distinguish a five-star hotel from other rated hotels is their ability to let you feel important and truly cared for. One way of showing an element of personalization is by calling you by your name upon checking in or by handing out a special note with your name on it. Personalization is truly important because it allows the guests to feel at home while staying at their chosen five-star hotel. Very few hotels could actually make this possible.

I personally appreciate the kind of personalization that the Ritz Carlton offers their guests. They are among the businesses in the hotel industry that keep a record of all guests and all the other details that would help them make a personalized approach to every customer. They take note about specific preferences in food and other concerns. You could also get the same level of personalization when you enroll in the new Starwood Elite Benefits program. You could get this if you are among the SPG Platinum guests who book a minimum of 75 nights in a single year.


The Concierge

If you want a hassle-free vacation, then you will need to have the assistance and guidance of a reputable concierge. A five-star hotel must be able to provide its guests with a reliable concierge to help with booking theater seats, finding the best restaurants, and reserving slots for certain attractions. Among the best concierge services I have experienced was with Lotte Moscow. They were able to help me with a lot of things during my travel.


Availability Of Transfer Services

Most of the five-star hotels offer complimentary vehicle services from the hotel premises to certain areas within a specific distance. There are other rated hotels that only provide shuttles from the hotel lobby to certain points in nearby locations. What makes five-star hotels different is the kind of automobile that they use for transfers.

We truly appreciate that The Setai Fifth Avenue provided us with a complimentary use of a Maserati car going towards a particular destination. Aman Resorts, on the other hand, is also worthy of mentioning since they provided us with a VIP service going to Amankila and also to the airport.


Branded Bath Amenities

The basic products that hotels offer for free are toiletries and bath essentials. But not because a certain hotel has its own brand of amenities qualifies them to be rated as a five-star. In reality, a particular five-star hotel must be able to provide their guests with more luxurious bathing time by offering bath essentials with globally known brands. The Champs-Elysees Plaza which is situated in Paris even offers soaps under the Hermes collection. Luxurious hotels will definitely also offer luxurious comfort and posh amenities. Although the Mandarin Oriental Singapore hotel does not offer amenities coming from Bulgari or Hermes, they still have their own famous line of toiletries that are equally luxurious as the said brands.


Linens & Beddings

A very easy way to determine if a particular hotel has a five-star status is if its beddings and linens are beyond sleep-worthy. Every piece of bedding must be able to add to a heavenly feeling that allows you to indulge in your dreams. The texture of the bed sheets must overwhelm your senses with ultimate smoothness. Pillows and mattresses must have the balance of firmness and softness to allow comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Among the hotels that have exceptional choices of mattresses and pillows are the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Sofitel properties. These hotels are truly known for having some of the most comfortable and relaxing beddings for their special guests. Their linens are made with premium materials and of high thread count. They even allow guests to ask for more pillows than what is readily on their beds.


Nespresso At The Hotel Room

A five-star hotel definitely must not have instant coffee and creamer placed in sachets. That’s not how five-star hotels must give importance to their guests. Hotels that are rated with five stars must have a Nespresso machine placed in every room in order for guests to enjoy a delicious hot coffee during a stressful night or a cold morning.

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