Virtuoso Hotels Ultimate Guide: Free Upgrades, Breakfast And VIP Bonuses

Are you looking for ways on how to make the most out of your travel fund and time? Then you should definitely consider booking with Virtuoso-member travel agents. By making your hotel reservations through Virtuoso, you are opening yourself to getting more benefits than doing it through other ways.

The partner travel advisors of Virtuoso are very accommodating. Apart from getting perks and privileges, you will also feel that you will always be assisted by the Virtuoso travel agents during your entire vacation. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to feel stressed out because of simple matters during your travel? Let us give you an idea about the benefits you could get from Virtuoso.


Virtuoso Benefits From Partner Hotels

  • You get to enjoy a full stomach with your companion as you eat an American meal in your room or indulge in a buffet breakfast at the restaurant.
  • You get a bigger surprise for your payment by getting a higher room category upgrade.
  • You could ask to check-in early or check-out late depending of course on the availability of rooms.
  • You are given 100 USD credit for the use of hotel services and amenities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages Of Virtuoso Booking Over AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts Booking

  • When you are a member of the Virtuoso program, you could be sure that you are given promises that will be valid for the different amenities in the hotel. Unlike the AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts program, you could sometimes feel frustrated for not being able to be upgraded to other room categories.
  • Majority of the Virtuoso-member hotels and resorts offer room upgrade even during the time of your booking. You could not get this privilege from AMEX properties.
  • If you like to have a heavy breakfast during your vacation, then Virtuoso hotels will provide you with such. Most of the Virtuoso partner hotels offer full breakfast for 2 persons while AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts usually offer the lighter continental breakfasts.
  • If you are among the travelers who would rather have their vacations settled earlier than usual, then you could count on Virtuoso benefits. This program allows clients to make bookings for hotels and other properties even for schedules that are still for another year. This would be very impossible to do with AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts since their advanced booking could start only in the latter part of August.
  • Wouldn’t you love to have a dedicated team to monitor your travel and personally address your concerns? Through your luxury travel advisor has a good reputation for always making sure that their clients’ needs are met excellently. You won’t have to worry about anything at all during your vacation with the Virtuoso services.
  • One thing, however, that we find good with the AMEX FHR is their ability to offer late check-out up to 4:00 pm. This kind of feature can be granted by Virtuoso for as long as there is an availability of room and with your specific request to your travel advisor.


AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts Booking

Can you still book properties under the AMEX FHR Benefit program or any Virtuoso accredited advisor? Definitely, you can. The advisors can still assist you with such transactions. They make everything easier such as by arranging special requests with the hotel management, confirming the availability of certain perks, and making sure that every little detail is set wonderfully straight.


Checking The Virtuoso Rate

How do you know the rate for Virtuoso clients for certain properties? The easiest way is by asking your luxury travel advisor. Well, it is also good to assume that the rate for Virtuoso clients is the property’s best available flexible rate. What’s even more wonderful with being under the Virtuoso benefits program is that most hotels give even further discounts to Virtuoso clients.


Where To Find All The Virtuoso Hotel Properties

Because there are actually a lot of Virtuoso partner hotels all over the world, it would be very hard to find a single webpage where you can instantly see all the properties there are under the Virtuoso program. What you can do is search by the location through the Virtuoso Property Site.


Night Promotions

There are times when you could get a free night after your 3rd or 4th night of stay in a certain property. You could know about the availability of such promotions through your Virtuoso travel advisor.


Earning Hotel Points And Elite Credits

If you are worried that being under the Virtuoso program won’t allow you to earn credits, then your worries are pointless. You could still actually earn points from your hotel’s loyalty program and even get other discounts for other hotel services.


Where To Find Virtuoso Reviews

Are you curious about the services and amenities that Virtuoso partner properties offer? Then you could check out some honest feedback from actual clients at the bottom of this page. Please remember that it would be better to reserve through the Four Seasons Preferred Partner Benefits if you are planning to stay in any of the Four Seasons properties.


Credit Cards

You can use any kind of credit card when you want to book a Virtuoso property. Contrary to the rules set by American Express FHR which requires only specific cards for transactions, Virtuoso allows any card for payment. Still, you have to be wise when deciding which card to use for your purchases. Make sure that you use cards that don’t add foreign charges whenever you book hotels that are outside of your home country.


Booking Using Points

Know that it is actually impossible to use your points to enjoy the Virtuoso privileges. You will definitely have to pay in order to enjoy the perks offered by Virtuoso.


Cost Of Booking With A Virtuoso Travel Advisor

There is no extra cost when you book a hotel or any property with an accredited Virtuoso travel advisor. If you are wondering how the advisors earn money from your booking, they do so through commissions. So don’t worry about extra charges!

Know that Virtuoso travel advisors have the discretion in choosing the clients to accommodate. Personally, I love making business with clients who book for longer vacations and those who want to have a luxurious experience for plenty of days and nights.


Receiving Additional Hotel Amenities Separately

If you would like to get some perks and privileges from hotel services and amenities under separate names, you can actually do so. You can inform the staff that you and your travel companion will be using the privileges separately. A complimentary dinner for one night can be under your name while the second night could be under your companion’s name. The downside, however, of doing this is that certain hotels could move you to another room because it is like having another separate booking under a different name.


Virtuoso Advisor Location

If you are thinking that you could only get the services of a Virtuoso advisor in your own country, then you are wrong. You can actually get Virtuoso advisors from any part of the world. These advisors can definitely help you out even when you are miles apart.


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